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How to Lose Weight without even trying

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a chore or hard work. It doesn’t have to mean restrictive diets and every day deprivation. Nor does it mean pushing yourself at the gym that you don’t want to return the next day. There’s no need for force when you are trying to lose weight. Weight loss can come easily without even trying too hard. Our body’s are smarter than we are. They know exactly when they need to burn fat and when they should hang on to it. They’ve been programmed to stay alive and fighting when they are being starved and to burn the necessary calories when they are being put through a workout. People can simply change some of the choices they make and lose weight without even trying.

If going on a diet where you have to stick to a certain amount of calories, do lots of exercise and restrict yourself to eating like a rabbit sounds like a nightmare you will be glad to know that there are other effective ways to shed the weight. All it comes down to is adapting different lifestyle habits and progressively changing the ones you currently have.

Instead of changing the type of food you consume why not change the portion sizes. Take away about 10% of the food you currently consume and within a few weeks you’ll notice a gradual reduction in your weight. Then you can take a further 10-15% away and slowly get your body used to eating smaller meals. Once you stop seeing weight loss you can adapt your meals and choose more nutritious ones. So if you’re used to eating fish and chips three times a week, swap one of those days for grilled fish and baked potato wedges made from one potato for each person. You’ll slowly adapt your taste buds and eating habits and lose weight without even trying. Sooner or later you’ll start making healthier choice and the excess weight will peel off.

Make the time to have fun in an active way. Going to the gym or jumping up and down in an aerobics class aren’t the only way to get fit and lose weight. Rather than spending the weekend at home on the couch or cleaning, get your partner, your friends or your family together for day at the park. Cycle, rollerblade, throw the Frisbee, play football, run around after the kids, go on the playground. All these activities are going to give you a good amount of exercise to burn excess calories but you won’t feel like you’re working out to lose weight but simply to get the most out of your day. During the weekend you can walk to a friends house or to work, tackle the four flights of stairs a few times a day. These little bits of incidental exercise are going to help you lose weight without even trying.