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How to Lose Weight with Green Tea Antioxidants

The green tea diet? Has anyone even heard of this new amazing diet? As of this writing there is not an amazing new green tea diet. But, right now as you sit reading this article, studies are being conducted at many universities and research facilities the world over to discover if green tea can be utilized in helping people lose weight.

But what I can tell about green tea, are some amazing facts that may lead you to drink this wonderful elixir of life sustaining properties. You might just find yourself sipping several hot soothing mugfuls of green tea every day in order to lose that extra weight.

Green tea has been utilized by Eastern societies for thousands of years. Chinese and Japanese people have known of green tea’s life saving substances for many years and drink it daily to keep their weight down, to gain energy, and to keep cancer and illness at bay.

Green tea is produced from the Camellia Sineses plant. This is the same plant that black tea and oolong tea come from. But the method of production in making green tea is different. The fresh leaves from the Camellia Sineses plant are steamed creating green tea leaves to be brewed and consumed for its healthy properties.

Green tea leaves contain a very powerful component that other teas may have, but that aren’t as strong as green tea contains. Green tea has EGCG that is an antioxidant that is utilized in treating cancer, illness, sinus conditions, heart disease, mental alertness and even weight loss.

Just step into any store and find the weight loss aisle. You will discover many products containing green tea in them to aid in your weight loss regime. There are pills, drinks, powders, and almost every product imaginable for you to consume green tea to lose weight.

The jury is still out as to whether green tea does aid in helping you lose weight. But what I can say is that green tea does contain a very powerful antioxidant that will fight free radicals in your body to help your skin look better. Green tea can help you fend off various cancers, even breast cancer and heart disease. It can help you lower your blood cholesterol.

By drinking several cups of green tea a day and without adding any milk or sugar to your mug, you could lose weight. You would have to eat less foods, and work out to do it because afterall there is no miracle weight loss product sold in stores. Not yet, anyways! Green tea does contain caffeine in it that will make you feel more energetic, and that can help you lose weight also by burning off fat and extra calories due to having more energy.

You could drink green tea all day instead of anything such as soda, or milk that contains calories. Green tea contains zero calories without anything extra added. Add lemon to your green tea to help clean your body out, because plenty of lemon added to the tea will act as a diuretic and flush you out. You could also just drink green tea for several days and not eat anything, and yes you would lose weight. You may feel like passing out, but you will lose weight.

Drinking green tea with ginseng in it is a great way to maximize your morning drink into an energy creation. Ginseng is an herb that gives you more energy than caffeine will. You will be moving faster and you will be burning off even more calories than just with caffeine in your green tea. By drinking many cups of green tea with ginseng added each day you will be able to lose weight. But once again, you will have to eat low calorie foods, and exercise in order to accomplish your weight loss goals.

With studies currently being conducted on whether green tea is a great weight loss remedy, the jury is still out on this magical herb. But by drinking it daily you will gain extra energy and burn more calories, Besides you will not be consuming any calories by drinking green tea. you will be warding off free radicals in the environment and you can become a healthier person just for drinking several cups a day. You might just lose some weight along the way!