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How to Lose Weight when Depressed

When you are depressed it can actually be very difficult to stay committed to a weight loss program. One unfortunate factor of depression is that it tends to inspire people to eat even more than usual and to exercise less. Carbohydrates are often craved by people who suffer with depression as they tend to raise serotonin levels in your brain and therefore lift your mood. However, carbohydrates are one of the food groups that can directly lead to weight gain so they should be eaten sparingly.

Another problem often experienced by depressed people is that they tend to gravitate towards eating comfort foods – these often being high fat, sugary snacks that satisfy a quick fix but also cause one to stack on the pounds and may lead to worse depression as body weight increases. Not a good scenario! To stay focused on weight loss make sure to stay focused when you are grocery shopping so that you don’t buy unhealthy food choices. A big tip is to make sure you have eaten something wholesome and filling before you begin to shop so that you won’t be tempted to buy snacks and fillers when shopping.

In order to lose weight successfully it helps to have a positive attitude towards the task and set a realistic time frame for the excess pounds to be lost. Of course, if one is feeling in a low mood then maintaining a positive attitude can be a very difficult task to sustain. It may help to first tackle the issue of depressed moods before starting a weight loss regime. Some may have to consult a Doctor and begin a course of anti-depressants or a natural alternative in order to alleviate a low emotional state.

Be patient with yourself and take one step at a time as you begin your path to greater health and body improvement. So, to keep your focus when attempting to lose weight you want to do everything you can that makes you feel good about yourself without sabotaging your dieting efforts, e.g. don’t overindulge in chocolate and snacks. If you do slip up with your weight loss goal it is important to be firm with yourself without laying on guilt. Don’t emotionally punish yourself for being imperfect; self bullying can lead to worse depression and a continual downward spiral.

Depression can certainly affect your ability to exercise, and exercise is a very important part of the weight loss equation. In order to keep a good focus when losing weight it will help to find activities and sports that appeal to you and also to make a concerted effort to add a favourite activity to your everyday schedule. Keep active in the most enjoyable way that you can; if you are having fun then you will want to continue.

Another way to stay focused when losing weight may be to undertake a diet with a friend who also wants to lose weight. This way you can encourage each other to stick to your weight loss goals and maybe share recipes and exercise time. If you suffer from depression, the support and assistance of a good friend may be just the trick to keep you inspired and focused on your goal to lose excess weight.

Finally, why not purchase a really appealing outfit a few sizes too small for you to have as a constant goal and reminder how good you’ll look when the weight has been lost. A positive visual about you in the outfit, confident and looking your best, may be enough to help your focus in your goal to lose weight.