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How to Lose Lower Belly Fat Fast

Belly fat seems to be the biggest problem for a lot of people especially men. Naturally, belly fat builds around the waistline and the current lifestyle of people has a huge impact tot this. Belly fat is stubborn fat and it requires a lot of work to reduce it. It is certainly a very slow and painful experience but in the end it’s just all worth it. The very key in losing belly fat fast is knowing how the body works and reacts and how to do it correctly. Once the belly fat is gone, it’s just a step away from many people’s dreams: a six pack. However, even a very thin layer of fat would take days or even weeks to remove. Here are some tips to get rid of the gut. Though not everybody might aspire to have great abs, such tips and tricks also work so well for people aiming to lose weight and achieve a flat stomach.

1.) Exercise. Cardiovascular and weight training exercises are highly suggested for fat and weight loss. Aerobic training such as walking, riding a stationary bike, or running are good ways to accelerate the fat burning process as long as it’s not being overdone and done along with a weight training program. Both cardiovascular and weight training activities increase the metabolism rate body and at the same time re-shape the body. As experts suggest, for losing weight and fat, cardio must be done early in the morning on an empty stomach and after a weight training regimen. It is highly recommended to exercise at least an hour a day for 3 times a week depending on the level of intensity. Beginners are required to start slow with lower intensity while more advanced people are advised to do more to keep the metabolism up and the body working.

Weight training on the other hand hits two birds with one stone. It helps in developing and building muscle and revs up the metabolism. Weight training can be done in the gym or even at home. Lifting weights is more than enough to keep the body working and expending energy, which in the process looks on fats as the energy source.

The key to exercise in losing weight is to keep the body moving to keep the metabolism up. Studies have shown that people who are obese and overweight tend to move less during day to day activities. It could either be because of their weight or it may be the cause of it. Either way, it just follows a circle. Extra movements throughout the day is a key factor in establishing weight loss.

2.) Following a healthy diet. As the saying goes, “we are what we eat”. A big part of getting stubborn belly fat comes from the quality of one’s diet. Three culprits of developing belly fat are too much junk food, too much carbohydrates, and too much alcohol. Junk food consists of high levels of refined carbohydrates and sugar which could quickly raise blood sugar levels which leads to the reduction of the fat burning mechanism and the increase in appetite. Carbohydrates on the other hand, though suggested as an energy source, can be bad. There are good and bad carbohydrates and one should avoid the consumption of bad carbs. Refined flours and the foods that they create such as white bread, pasta, donuts, cakes, and biscuits should be avoided since they can cause bloating, poor digestion, and lead to the accumulation of fats. Good carbs come from fruits and vegetables and must be consumed instead. Granary and whole wheat bread should be eaten instead of white bread. Consuming too much carbohydrate backfires though. It bumps up the insulin and causes the metabolism to slow down. The body can’t metabolize too much carbohydrates once the body doesn’t need much energy. Finally, alcohol contains too much calories. One gram of alcohol contains approximately 7 calories. Though calories are fewer than fats, alcohol calories are useless since they don’t contain any nutrients at all; hence the entire calorie content of alcohol that is consumed would just turn into fat.

A healthy diet is all about moderation of almost everything. Eating too much leads to excess weight and fat as well as eating less and starving oneself. A combination of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables is good enough. It is suggested that the amount of protein source that should be taken in is just as large as a deck of cards, carbohydrates should be as large as the size of the palm, and major bulk of the meals should come from vegetables.

3.) Change of eating patterns. Even a good diet can lead to additional fats and weight if not being followed properly. It leads to more unused energy that turns into fats. One main unchecked problem with people is eating late night snacks. This could lead to more stored fats because the level of activity afterwards is already low. People generally go straight to bed at night after a late night meal which could cause high level of sugars in the blood stream. Excess sugar too turns into excess fats. Drinking water is the simplest, yet could be the most easiest way to lose gut fat. Contrary to soft drinks and juices, plain water doesn’t contain salts and too much sugar which doesn’t aide in additional unwanted fats. And lastly, apart from following a proper diet, eating frequent yet smaller meals is better than eating 3 full meals a day. Eating small frequent meals can keep the metabolism burning. Instead of eating 3 full meals a day, eat small meals every three to four hours instead.

Losing belly fat might look and sound as an enormous task but if done properly and consistently, the results would just come in no time. Belly fat is natural. Its main purpose actually is to protect the vital internal organs yet could do much harm if being overdone. That is why it is hard to lose such fat, it is basically defying nature. That is the very reason why it’s so hard to achieve.