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How to Lose Love Handles

I am sure almost 95% of the entire population is worried about their love handles. Men and women from all ages and walks of life are not free from getting fat deposits on either side of their belly and with this being the dilemma of almost everyone in the planet, different types of diet pills, exercise equipments and diet programs were invented and are being sold in the market. But what is really the best way to lose these ugly love handles?

Losing love handles can either be easy or complicated, it actually depends on your willingness and dedication. If you are not committed and serious in taking it out of your system, then you are in big trouble. Perhaps, find some inspiration first to encourage you more of getting rid of it, because if not, all your hard work, time and effort will be put into waste. When you are already sure that you want to get rid of those unwanted love handles, consider the exercises below to help you out in getting your dream body in no time.


Walking is the simplest and cheapest way to get rid of those love handles. Plus it does not only melt those body fats of yours but also helps in maintaining a healthy vascular system. This is not also time consuming since it will only require you a few minutes everyday. 15-30 minutes of brisk walking can already burn a big amount of body fat.


Another fun and exciting way to remove your flabby abdomen is dancing. There’s a wide range of dances to choose from. You can try belly-dancing, aerobics, or if you are on the more upbeat mood, hiphop abs may be the best choice for you. You can find a lot of videos in the market to watch and share with your family and friends. One benefit of dancing is that it does not only concentrate on your stomach but you also it exercises your entire body making your body proportion and sexier.


Crunches will always be in the list if you want to get stronger and firmer abs. You can start by doing simple crunches for starters then learn a more difficult one as you go on. To execute this exercise, lay down on a mat to make it more comfortable, put both hands on either at the back of your head or across your chest. Legs bent and then slowly pull yourself up, towards your knees, count 1-3 before going back to starting position. Then repeat it at least 12-16 times.

By following any or all of the exercises mentioned above, you could be sure to achieve the body you have been dreaming of. But remember that proper diet plus exercise are the two ingredients to a healthy, fit and sexy body.