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How to look Thinner for Prom how to Choose a Prom Dress

Prom night ranks as one of the most important events in the life of a teen, after graduation. Every teen wants to look as good as she can for that special night. There are a few tips that will help you look your best.

First, dress selection is most important. There are thousands of choices-long, short, or something in-between? Fabric? Sequin pageant dresses were all the rage in my town a few years ago. Neckline styles, ruffles, trims-it can be mind-boggling. Decide what is your best feature you’d like to accentuate? If you have great legs, show them off with a long style with a slit, or a shorter length. Toned shoulders look great in strapless or one-shoulder style dresses.

Accept that most people are not tall, thin fashion models. Thinking that you have to fit into a size 2 dress in order to look good is counterproductive. Everyone has a best feature, as well as something they’d rather draw attention away from. If your upper arms are flabby, select a dress with a soft, flowing sleeve.

Don’t forget the importance of color. Dark colors in matte (non-shiny) fabrics will make you appear smaller. Light colors in shiny fabrics (think pink satin) will make you look much heavier, as well as accentuate every bulge and ripple. You don’t have to stick with boring basic black. You might look for a dress with accents in lighter colors, while the overall color is dark. Or consider adding color with hair accessories or jewelry.

Under garments can make a big difference in how your dress fits and looks. Spanx and other body trimmers are not like your grandmother’s girdle any more. A large department store will have a variety of styles to help smooth out bulges and visually slim your middle. It’s best to buy these after your dress is chosen. Also invest in a quality pair of control-top pantyhose if you choose to wear hose.

Shop with a friend or two whom you can trust to give you an honest opinion. Trust your own eye as you try on dresses. And finally, don’t get hung up on a size number. Sizes in women’s wear are very inconsistent. Try a variety of sizes, but turn a blind eye to the number. After all, the fit will be the most important thing. No one is going to ask you what size dress you bought. Most stores offer free alterations, so if a bit of alteration is what is needed to get the perfect fit, take advantage of it. Never buy a dress in a smaller size thinking you will lose weight and fit into it. Buy what fits at the moment. A dress one size too small that you have squeezed into will make you look heavier than you are.

A tan always makes you look smaller, and can help downplay cellulite. Don’t risk damaging your skin in the sun or tanning beds. Invest in a spray-on tan a couple of days before the big night at a salon that offers the service. They will be able to give you a smooth, even look without the streaky look of home-grown self tanning. Drink plenty of water and avoid carbonated drinks and salty foods for a few days before your prom. Carbonated drinks can bloat your belly, while salt makes you retain fluid and make you look puffy. And no crazy crash dieting, either. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoid fried, greasy food.

Finally, don’t forget your best accessory-a smile! On the big night, have fun and enjoy making memories with your friends.