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How to keep motivated to reach weight loss goals?

It is the start of a New Year, and the start of a new resolution to finally lose weight and eat healthier. Many people make these New Year’s resolutions and fail to keep them. Weight loss is the top ranked resolution and only 24 pecent of Americans will keep their promise to lose weight, according to statisticbrain.com. Depending upon the person’s commitment and determination, they will lose the weight. Many need to remain motivated to achieve their weight loss goals and here are some good tips to start with:

Set a deadline and a realistic goal

The main mistake that people make is to set unrealistic goals within a limited time frame; an example would be planning to lose 60 pounds within two months. Some people will attempt to lose weight quickly by eating less or using fat burning supplements. These quick unhealthy methods work short term but many gain the weight back because they don’t change their eating habits.

The average weight loss a day is about two to three pounds with proper diet and exercise. If people set unrealistic expectations, they will become less motivated as they become disappointed in not reaching their goal. A more realistic goal would be about 20 pounds in two months, simply by being more active with moderate exercise. Have a realistic goal weight to achieve and plan to incorporate healthy eating habits that are not fad diets. Meals should be planned and should be smaller in portion size servings. Eliminate sugary drinks and eat favorite foods in moderation.

To use a gym or not to use a gym, that is the question

A gym is just a place that has exercise equipment, like many who start the New year, they invest in an expensive gym membership and use it for the first month, and then stop going for some reason. Many people that are excited about joining gym at first, either become too busy with their schedules or become unmotivated to attend the gym.

Gym memberships are good if people are going to remain dedicated to working out, but if they know that eventually they will stop attending then they shouldn’t purchase that expensive membership. The best method to remain motivated is to find creative ways to create your own home gym using a chair to work your abs or legs. There are many sites and articles on exercises that can be done with minimal or no gym equipment. Huffington Post has a great article titled, “Exercises at home: 10 ways to lose weight without gym equipment,” This is one example of many resources online that can be found on any search engine.

The best way to remain motivated is to have an exercise partner that has the same goals to lose weight and set a realistic schedule to continue work outs. In addition

Purchase a piece of clothing in smaller size

A great motivating idea is to purchase an inexpensive piece of clothing one size smaller than their regular size and set a goal to lose about five pounds within two weeks to fit in that piece of clothing. The sense of achievement and pride will become a motivating force because it demonstrates that it can be done on a smaller scale with lots of hard work. The goal can be achieved in small steps.

If there is a clothing article that hasn’t been worn because it no longer fits, make it a goal to try and fit in clothing article again. What seems to be an impossible goal becomes a real achievable goal just by losing those first five pounds.

Use the Internet as motivation

There are many free sites that offer free exercise and eating advice such as caloriecount.com and the food pyramid nutrition.gov site that has information and additional resources. YouTube has great exercise videos and music videos to plan exercise routines with. Start a blog about your weight loss and document how much you have lost and your experiences, thoughts on losing weight that could be shared with others achieving same goals. The Internet is a great motivator because there are so much free information and positive diverse body images to allow the person attempting weight loss to either become motivated to lose weight or to be more accepting of themselves.

Motivation is a strong force that keeps people focused on their goals whether it be losing weight or fulfilling a life’s dream. Keeping motivated to lose the weight and to start a new path towards a healthier lifestyle should be the main motivator to reach their long term goals.