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How to keep Kids Teeth Healthy

Growing kids need to take care of their teeth in order to keep them healthy and cavity-free. This can be a challenge since many kids don’t take the time to care for their teeth as they should. Parents, then, might need to intervene and help kids care for their teeth properly. Here are some tips on how to help keep your kid’s teeth healthy and free from cavities.

Encourage your child to brush his teeth daily after every meal. Since this isn’t always convenient, it’s important that children at least brush their teeth twice a day, in the morning and a night before bed. Try a delicious flavored toothpaste that will motivate your child to want to brush his teeth often. There are also many character based toothpastes available for fun including Spiderman, Barbie, and Dora.

Make sure your child flosses before brushing each time. Flossing is a great way to prevent tarter buildup and cavities. Teach your child to do it himself, but be sure he gets in between each tooth. If he’s too young to do this or you don’t trust him to do a good job, you can floss his teeth for him and allow him to help. Have him rinse thoroughly with a cup of water before brushing to cleanse the plague completely.

Try a pre-rinse for your child’s teeth before brushing or colored teeth tablets which show your child where plague exists on his teeth. Rinses and tablets color the plague on your child’s teeth so he can see just where he needs to brush to get all his teeth clean. Plus, your child will love seeing the color in his mouth and this may encourage his to want to brush more just to use the rinse or tablets.

Take your child to the dentist for checkups every 6 months. Having a dentist evaluate your child’s teeth every 6 months will prevent cavities and help him to learn how to brush and floss better. A dentist will also clean your child’s teeth and give him fluoride treatments to strengthen his teeth. Routine dentist visits are a great way to keep your child’s teeth healthy and the teach him how to be independent in teeth cleaning.

Be sure to get your child’s cavities taken care of immediately. Many young children still have baby teeth that are soft and fragile. Caring for these teeth is important so as to keep gums healthy. Taking your child to get cavities fixed as soon as possible lessens the chance of infection in his mouth and gums. Cavities can also harm new teeth underneath that are soon to pop through so be sure to get them taken care of as soon as you find out he has them. Healthy teeth create healthy smiles.