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How to keep Active when you have Diabetes

Being active is great for us all but is especially important for people with Diabetes. Healthy eating combined with physical activity and any diabetes medication can help you manage your diabetes and help prevent long-term diabetes complications.

If like me you see being physically active as long distance running or gym memberships and aerobics in a leotard daunting then don’t worry this is not the case.
A few ideas below.

* Walking
instead of meeting friends or family for coffee why not try suggesting a walk to the shops, or if take your car park furthest spot away from the shop, Find a friends dog to take for a walk, and always use the stairs instead of the lift.

* Dancing
Is becoming very popular and is a great way to exercise as your keeping fit without even realizing it. Its also a great way to make new friends and gives you a social life to, there is salsa or belly dancing.

* Swimming
Is a good way to relax but if want more fun then swimming up and down try water aerobics you might enjoy it and most leisure center’s offer women only courses too.

* Household Jobs
Get fit sprucing up your garden, Boogie while you hoovering or doing DIY is good for health and home improvement.

* With the kids
Enjoy a kick about in the park a game of tag or why not try roller-blading or even bike riding with the kids that would be great on a nice sunny weekend stopping of for a picnic ( healthy one of course).

Being more active could:

* Make you more mobile so you can play with your children without getting out of
* Make you feel less stressed and happier.
* Help you to make new friends or just spend more time with your family.
* Change your body shape and help you fit in your old clothes.
* Make you feel more in control.
* Help you sleep better.

If you have been inactive for a number of years start gradually as it will take time for your heart and muscles to tone up, set daily weekly goals or targets. Regular habits in your daily routine are easier to achieve. Try and find activities your whole family can enjoy, most of all be happy.