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How to Join a Gym

Before you sign a binding contract that can affect your finances and your credit decide on what you want from a gym and research it before signing on the dotted line. Obtaining a membership at a gym is a big purchase that you should be well informed before finalizing any decision.

Before you join a gym make a checklist of what services you want. For example, if you have children, a facility that offers childcare services, and classes for children. If you travel, do they offer a service that will allow you to visit participating gyms in other cities? Take the time and write down all the services you want, and the ones that you are flexible with.

Think about your fitness goals, and create a checklist of how you want a gym to help you accomplish your goals. Do you need a personal trainer? Are you trying to lose weight? Do you have a teenager that needs an exercise program? These are the types of questions you should ask yourself and put on your checklist when you are looking at a facility.

Research a gym beginning with the Better Business Bureau check to see if they have had any complaints and how the complaints were resolved. Talk to your friends, family and coworkers about the gym. Often the best information comes from word-of-mouth. Log onto the Internet and search for any reviews on the gym that you are considering joining.

With your checklist and research in hand, called the gym and arrange for a tour. While you are touring take notes, was the facility clean, did they offer any classes, what are their peak times? Is the equipment up-to-date? Furthermore, take into consideration the location of the gym is this facility close to your home or your work?

Finally decide on a budget that you are willing to spend for a monthly or annual membership. Research the gym to see what types of memberships that they offer and will the memberships fit your needs or your family needs. For example, do they offer individual adult or teen memberships? Do they have a family or household membership? Do they offer a youth or senior program? If a contract is required take your time and read all the terms and small print carefully.

Just as you would try on a new pair of shoes or test-drive a car do that with the gym. Call and ask if they offer a two-week trial membership. This will give you enough time to decide if the gym is right for you, if you feel comfortable working out at that facility, and if you are truly going to take the time out to use the membership.