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How to Improve your Spiritual Health


For the last three years I have been having digestive problems, losing weight, sleeping poorly and having a poor appetite. With a great deal of urging from my worrisome wife; I visited the doctor who gave me a complete battery of test including a colonoscophy. I was elated when he told me I had no problems and from all the test evidence I was told I was healthy. But, my conditions mentioned above continued, but, but with less severity. I identified with the doctor’s pronouncement of good health and the result was some temporary improvements.
Vibrant health is always in the here and now present. It is very easy to write these words, but to live them is a very insightful gradual process. Being here totally present or conscious in each and every moment can be lived or practiced but we have to be very clear what this means. It is unquestionable about eating healthy hormone and chemically free food, a balanced exercise program, plus stable and nurturing emotional and spiritual connections with yourself and others. But, the most fundamental aspect of any physical, mental (emotional), spiritual health is how much you are here and now present. Many positive metaphysical philosophies operate on the assumption that you can be joyous, enthusiastic, energetic; if you just change your thinking to being positive. Repetition of positive affirmations many times each day are used to try to keep you on the positive side the pendulum swing. In the short term, this is temporary, helpful fix. But, to really become totally present or conscious requires one to develop a habit of being very attentive or watchful in one’s daily experiences. Echkart Tolle is correct when he says that most of our thought is totally repetitive. We are habitually controlled by our ego which is a preoccupation with the past and future. For example, we are in constant identification with physical, mental (emotional) and even spiritual forms or roles. The assumption is that the more material possessions or toys will create happiness. Also, we identify mentally (emotionally) in our roles as parents, teachers, mechanics, lawyers, doctors, husbands, wives. Even spiritually, we can slip into the subtle role of seeing ourselves as more loving or spiritually advanced than others.
So, what does all these all these identifications have to do with being vibrantly healthy? A simple, explicit true statement can be made. The more identified we are with physical, mental and spiritual forms or roles; the less we are in here and now presence. Then vibrant health is about becoming aware or conscious as we fall into these identifications and or roles.
Your husband or wife can be can be one of your most challenging, yet insightful identifications. For example, I began to succumb or react to my wife’s daily barrage of negative judgments and criticisms. Her statements that I was still sick, looked emaciated from losing weight, hunched over, no longer had my energetic enthusiastic manner seriously dented my identification from my doctor’s visit that I was healthy. Leaving or getting away from my spouse for a short period or being indifferent or ignoring her was a temporary fix, but it was and is not a fundamental solution. So, we learn that these negative words pouring out of our mate’s mouth have no real power unless we identify with them. Rather than identify with these limiting statements; we can choose to transmute or transform these negative judgments into reminders or pointers to the presence here and now. For example, when my wife rattles on about my weight loss or lack of appetite; I do not react verbally nor even in my thinking. Instead, I feel-sense that stillness within surrounding me, everyone and everything. I totally accept or allow this moment to be as it is without trying to deny it. Echkart Tolle says this results in our dissolving time and dethroning the ego. My wife, and I and really everyone’s ego thrives on drama, conflict, and reacting angrily to one another. By not reacting but just being totally mindful or present there is a joy, calm peacefulness. Remember, I did say this is a gradual process; so be patient with yourself. We are all human and have a collective racial unconscious as well as life long habits from our daily experiences. Keep practicing being very alert in you daily activities. You will begin to notice that you will fall into an identification or role; but retrospectively, you will become aware of this. Accept it, forgive yourself for your over reaction, your anger or whatever. Within a short time, even days or a few weeks; you will find yourself poised to jump into one of these habitual identifications or roles. But, by being very watchful and alert to your thinking; you stop yourself. Ah ha! The ego has been weakened. But, be very vigilant because the ego is always waiting urging you to react, to identify with any conflict or drama.
My practicing being in the here and now presence has had dramatic results. My appetite has roared back creating a weight gain plus sleeping all night and awakening feeling completely refreshed. In short, vibrant health is a choice we make each and every moment. By being very attentive or awake we need not react or identify with the words of others’ out there or even our own habitual negative thinking. Enjoy the liberating practice of being present and creating vibrant health.