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How to Improve your Emotional Health

Everyone can be emotionally healthy. This can be much more challenging for some than others. All of us have sadness and baggage from the past, but it is up to us to decide whether we are going to use these negative memories as learning tools or crutches.

The following are some simple things that each of us can do to improve our emotional health.

I will not let myself be negatively influenced by other people’s opinions.
I will acknowledge my emotions.
I will allow myself to be angry or sad. I will relish the times that I am happy.
I will acknowledge that I am in control of my thoughts. No one can cause me to have negative thoughts. I have to manufacture these myself.
I will make the most of my environment.
I will respect myself enough to keep my environment clean and orderly. I deserve no less.
I will get a pet. I will care for this pet lovingly.
I will be fiscally prudent. I will try very hard to spend less than I have.
I will share what I have with others.
I will make it a point to go out of my way to do one kind deed every day.
I will share my smile.
I will measure my words, especially to my children. The memory of a single sentence can last a lifetime.
I will strive to learn something new every day.
I will listen to music.
I will write every single day. I will write about my thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams.
I will look at myself in the mirror every day and find at least one thing to love.
I will travel, if only on the travel channel.
I will not watch the news on a regular basis.
I will move my body in new ways. I will exercise.
I will put good things into my body. I will eat to make myself stronger and healthier.
I will be patient with those who are less fortunate than I. This includes people who do not know how to be nice.
I will learn to like my job.
I will not gossip.
I will put good words all around my house.
I will take time each day to think about these good messages.
I will incorporate them into my consciousness.
I will love that child inside myself who wasn’t loved enough before.
I will realize that if I wasn’t loved enough before the problem lies with the one who did not know how to love. The problem was or is not with me.
I will revel in the weather.
I will love the rain.
I will love the thunder.
I will love the snow.
I will love the heat.
I will try to live my life thinking about how my actions and words would be perceived by someone I truly admire.
I will be selective about choosing my friends but I will value those whom I befriend.
I will acknowledge that I can always improve. View negative feedback as an aide towards self improvement rather than criticism.
I will not expect myself to be perfect.
I will not punish myself for my mistakes. Rather I will see mistakes as roads to learning.
I will not, ever, be mean. For some people this seems to be an insurmountable challenge. I will take a comprehensive self inventory to assess how I am perceived.