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How to Improve Digestion

A healthy digestive system is the answer to improved general health and better immunity against many diseases and every day colds and flu’s. Nowadays the digestive system is challenged by the variety of food available, the junk food consumed and the lack of physical activity in most people. For optimum health the digestive system needs looking after. Here are some ways to improve your digestion.

The body requires a balanced diet in order to be able to digest food properly. You wouldn’t put coal in a gas engine so why do you persist and put junk in your own body? A balanced diet is one that follows the healthy food pyramid to some extent. Four to five of your meals every day should consist of fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Two or three of your meals should contain some protein and dairy. Once a week you can treat yourself to some sweets or crisps or whatever you like to indulge in that is naughty.

Water is another important element when it comes to having a healthy digestive system. The body is about 70% water. About eight glasses of water are needed every day to avoid dehydration and to aid digestion. Sip on water throughout the day or have a glass ten minutes before every meal snack. Drinking water regularly will improve your digestion.

It’s no surprise that exercise is also good for the digestive system. Regular exercise can keep gas and flatulence at bay. So if you want to stay healthy and improve your digestion include a power walk, run, cycle or swim every day. You will feel better and your digestive system will work more optimally.

The body needs enough fiber every single day in order to digest and process the food consumed. The recommended daily intake of fiber is about 30g. Many people don’t get anywhere near enough because they don’t consume fresh fruit and vegetables or whole grains. The fiber you consume should be spread out over the entire day. Try to have about 3-5g of fiber with each meal. Foods that are high in fiber include oats, dark bread, vegetables, fruit with the skin on and beans.

It’s easy to improve your digestion. Make sure you eat a balanced diet that includes about 30g of fiber every day. Drink about 8 glasses of water. And make sure to include regular exercise into your daily routine to avoid gas and help your digestive system.