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How to help Deliver a Baby in an Emergency

Keep yourself and the woman as calm as possible. Reassure her that everything will be okay and that help is on the way. The more calm the woman remains, the easier the birthing process will be for her. Encourage her and tell her that she is doing s great job.

Gather newspapers, linens, and towels. Place layers of newspapers under the woman and cover them with clean layers of towels and linens. You can use blankets, towels, linen tablecloths ,clothes, anything you can find. Do your best to provide privacy for the woman. Keep people back and away the best you can. Have the woman lie on her back with her knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and her legs spread apart as wide as she can get them. The woman’s body will naturally deliver the baby, you just have to wait.

Once the baby comes out, wrap the baby in a warm, clean blanket or towel and place the baby in the mother’s arms if possible. Remember that the baby will be very slippery, so be very careful not to drop the little one. After a few minutes, the woman’s body will pass the afterbirth as well. Patience on your part is key.

Once you know the woman is in labor and ready to give birth, do not let her get up and walk around. Women often feel like they have to go to the bathroom when they are giving birth. Reassure her that her baby is almost born and everything will be fine. Do not hold her legs together for any reason. This will do nothing good. It will not slow labor, it may cause problems and can possibly harm the baby. Do not place your fingers in the woman’s vagina. You can cause problems or possibly harm the baby. Do not pull on the baby. The baby will come out when it is time. Be patient, and ready to care for the baby.

It is the hope that emergency medical personnel will be on the scene long before the baby is born and be able to take over for you. If not, and you have had to help deliver the newborn, continue to keep the woman calm. You may want to call 911 again and update the dispatcher on the birth of the baby, if you are not still on the phone at the time of birth. He or she can give you any further needed instructions. Continue to keep the mother as calm as possible until help arrives.

Give emergency medical personnel any information you can concerning the mother and baby. This will help them care for the both of them properly

Childbirth can be scary enough when there are doctors and nurses there to help. Most births take place in a controlled environment where both the mother and the baby can be monitored for safety and well-being. Occasionally though, the unexpected happens and a woman must give birth with the trusted help of any medical staff. Would you be able to help?

Of course, if you were ever faced with having to help a mother deliver her newborn, your emotions and adrenalin would be in over-drive. So would the mother’s. Both of you would probably fear something going wrong. Know that when a baby is born, it is unlikely that things will go wrong. You can play a major roll in helping the mother deliver her newborn. There are simple steps to follow to help you help the mother.

With that said, call 911 immediately to get the help on its way. The dispatcher will ask you several questions which will probably include where you are, where the woman is, her age, her expected due date, how long she has been having contractions, how far apart are the contractions, and if it is her first child. You may be instructed to stay on the line. Do not hang up the phone unless the dispatcher tells you to do so. The dispatcher may be able to talk you through the birthing process.