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How to help Children Deal with Motion Sickness during Car Travel

Motion sickness is never a pleasant event, and for children who are prone to this problem, and their families, car trips can be agony. A trip that should be an exciting and fun adventure can easily be ruined for the child that is constantly sick while riding, however, there are some solutions.

Most children, or adults for that matter, that get car sick when they ride in the back seat. There is something about the swaying in the rear of the car that will trigger an attack. If at all possible, allow the child to ride in the front and make sure that there is adequate ventilation in the car, either by opening the windows or running the air conditioner.

Never allow a child that has motion sickness to read, work on puzzles, or concentrate on anything that requires them to look down while riding. Encourage them to look outside and concentrate on the scenery, or get them interested in some traveling game such as locating cars with different license plates, or counting vehicles of different colors. While games and books may be entertaining for some, any activity that requires close attention is usually not beneficial to anyone with motion sickness. Often, simply taking their mind off of the problem is a great help.

Many children find that their queasy stomachs are settled by snacking on something light such as crackers, while others cannot eat anything at all. Take along granola bars, trail mix, some mints, or something that is light and easy to nibble on. In many cases, something carbonated will also help a touchy stomach.

Getting out of the car once in awhile is good for anyone that is traveling, and especially good for children. Walking around and getting some fresh air, or even sitting in an environment that isn’t moving for awhile can be just the break they need. It may also give them the exercise they need to become tired enough to take a nap once it is time to continue the trip.

Of course, in worst case scenarios, there are medications that can provide relief, however, for the most part, these can produce sleepiness, and sleeping through a vacation trip is a good way to miss a lot of the scenery and experiences. Parents should always try other more natural methods first and with any luck, and a little patience, there is every chance that the child will eventually outgrow this problem altogether.