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How to have and keep Optimal Hearing

First off, while I remember. Always go to your doctor if you think there is something wrong with your ears or any part of you. I myself am not registered with a doctor and haven’t had a reason to visit one for the past 20 years, so I often forget to add this advice.

Now, who wouldn’t like to have very acute hearing? Surely most people would like the organs of their body to perform at optimum level whenever possible. So, how do we preserve the good hearing we have and even improve upon it? Well, what seems to have the most potential to damage our hearing is loud noise. We’ve all heard of the rock musicians who have paid for constant exposure to loud music by becoming more-or-less deaf.

So, we would like to avoid loud noise. Routine wearing of ear protectors when carrying out noisy tasks is a must. It isn’t manly or clever to operate a road drill or be in hearing distance of someone else doing so, without first taking precautions to protect the sensitive eardrum. If you sleep in a noisy environment, consider wearing earplugs at night. These can be made of plastic foam or wax. Earplugs can also be worn when swimming. Chlorinated water is not particularly kind to the mucous membranes within the ear cavity.

Having taken steps to preserve what we have already, how can we then improve upon it? Acuity of hearing is fostered by use of careful listening. Use the radio to improve your hearing. Turn the volume down just below what you can hear comfortably and relax. You will find, after a while, that your internal volume controls adjust and you can hear the radio well again. At that point, turn the radio down once more. Using the radio in this way helps to improve your hearing. At the very least, get in the habit of turning down the radio whenever it gets too loud. Do this and you are becoming more sensitive to your hearing levels right away!