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How to get the Perfect Beach Body

If you want to be able to go down to the beach without worrying that your extra rolls of flab could put off fellow beach goers you may want to consider doing something about your weight now. It won’t be long before summer is here and it’s sweltering outside, so you can’t keep putting off trying to lose weight, no matter how tempting it is to. To get the perfect beach body in time for summer you have to be prepared to put the effort in by changing your diet and doing some exercise.

You may be tempted to go down the route of fad diets, as you know you can lose lots of weight when you’re living on soup alone. However, do you really want to feel lethargic and miserable for weeks on end just to lose a few pounds that are only going to come back again? It is possible to lose quite a lot of weight without resorting to cabbage soup, as long as you examine your calorie intake and work on bringing it down. Unfortunately, you have to count calories if you want to lose weight and so you would be better off making changes to the diet you already have.

Thus, instead of skipping breakfast or opting for sugary cereal or white toast you may want to opt for something which will give you a slow release of energy throughout the day, such as wholemeal toast or porridge. If you eat something substantial for breakfast you should be able to resist the urge to eat something sweet for your mid-morning snack and you may not even need to eat anything until lunch. Again, at lunch time you should go for something that is going to fill you up and keep your energy levels stable, so that a jacket potato with salad could be a good option.

Really, you want to stay away from junk food when you’re trying to lose weight, particularly when you’ve only given yourself a short time to reach your goal, as you just end up consuming empty calories. You have to reduce your portion sizes and avoid eating too many snacks as well. Exercise is also something you should make time for, since this not only helps you shed the pounds; it will also tone your body up, since you don’t want to be left with loose-hanging skin after losing lots of weight.

Overall, then, to get the perfect beach body you need to start eating healthier and doing more exercise, as this is the only way you can lose weight, tone up and hopefully remain slimmer even after summer has departed.