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How to get Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath is one of the common problems in all age groups. It affects the health and social life in many ways. The important step in treating this condition is identifying the cause. Bad breath (also called as Halitosis) can arise due to lot of reasons. The most identified reason being oral conditions.

Accumulation of food debris and plague can lead to bad breath due to bacterial action. Bad breath can also arise due to untreated dental caries, dental abscess, gingival diseases, dryness of mouth and poor oral hygiene.

Brushing the teeth twice a day with tooth brush and tooth paste helps avoid bacterial accumulation. Proper tooth brushing technique should be followed so as to clean the crevices and gingival areas which are more prone for food and bacterial accumulation. Electronic tooth brushes can be used once in a week for efficient cleaning and good oral health. Remember to brush your tongue and other mucosal surfaces of the oral cavity to avoid any bacterial accumulation. Use of mouth wash is recommended after brushing to avoid bad breath.

Proper use of dental floss will eliminate food debris accumulation in between the teeth. Treating any underlying dental problems and visiting your dentists regularly are very essential.

Bad breath may also result due to improper diet. Soft and sticky foods are to be avoided in the diet. Chewing and eating fibrous fruits and vegetables help improve salivary flow and cleanse the oral cavity. Bad breath can also arise due to food items like Onion, Garlic and other spices. It is always good to wash your mouth thoroughly using mouth wash or taking a mint flavored chewing gum after having such type of food.

Drinking lot of water helps prevent the mouth becoming dry and eliminates bacterial accumulation and thus avoid bad breath.

Bad breath can result due to systemic conditions too. Sinusitis, post nasal drip, gastro-intestinal problems can also lead to bad breath. Chronic bad breath along with other symptoms related to systemic conditions indicates that it is time to see your physician for a health check-up.

Studies have proved that psychological stress and depression can also lead to bad breath. Trying to relax and visiting a psychiatrist for counseling may help in avoiding further problems.

Habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption and chewing tobacco can lead to poor oral conditions and bad breath. Avoiding these habits help improve the oral hygiene and health.

Bad breath is a condition that has to be taken seriously and treated effectively to improve the social life and also to identify any disease condition that may lead to health issues later in life.