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How to get Rid of a Headache without Taking Medicine

Headache sufferers know what it is like to feel a jackhammer blasting through their temples. Headaches are extremely painful but taking medicine is not without risk, especially for a chronic headache sufferer. There are other ways to get relief.

Distract yourself

It is amazing how many headaches are tied into a person’s psychological state. If you just focus on the headache, then there is a good chance that it will get worse. You may tense up your muscles in pain, causing them to get even more strained and hurt even more. Instead try to pretend that you do not have a headache and soon you may not. Watch the funniest DVD you have. Call up a friend and get lost in conversation. Think about something else. You may find that forgetting about your headache can be its most lethal weapon.

Take a hot shower

Many people find that the hot water in a shower causes their muscles to relax and their headache to lessen in severity. Let the hot water run over your head and shoulders. If your headache is related to your sinuses, then breathing in the steam can also be of use.

Consciously relax your muscles

You may be as tense as a spring without even realizing it. Go down one muscle after the next, forcing each to relax. This is especially important for the muscles in your head.

Tell yourself it is getting better

Say that you are past the worst. Make yourself believe that you are on the upswing and you may create a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Many people find that meditation can help to relieve their headaches. There are many books that you can purchase on this or you can buy a CD of guided mediation. One effective one is to imagine a healing light over the pain, taking it away.

Eat and drink

For some headaches come because they are hungry or dehydrated and do not even realize it. If there is a chance that this is the culprit then remedy it.


Some people find that exercising can help to rid them of their headaches. You may find that it helps to relax your muscles when you are done.

There is no one right method that will get rid of every headache in every person. Try as many of the above techniques as possible when faced with the staggering pain of a headache.