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How to get or Stay Fit

Staying fit is no easy task. First you must take the time out of your day to excersize and eat semi healty. There are many ways of doing this but not all of them will work for your personal needs. It is differebnt for every person because no one sees the ideal body the same way. Some people want bluky muscle, some want lean. Others just want to be thin while other just want to drop a pant size or two. The next few tips that Im going to tell you will help you reach your goal. They have worked for me. This will be good all people no matter what you goals are.

-First off you must drink plenty of water. Water will help you flush your system and if you take in enough water it will allow you to drop weight and will allow you to stay fit because the water will stop fat from sticking to you. I drank about a gallon a day which helped me stay regular and loose weight. Be careful tho because you will have to go to the restroom a lot.

-Second you must eat smarter. Now this does not mean go an a special diet or eat less. As a matter of fact you will be eating about the same amount or more then what you usually eat. Try to break up your meals into smaller meals that you eat every two or three hours. I shoot for around 7 meals a day. Each meal was healthy and had at leat 20g of protein a day. For people that want to bulk up and have more muscle its simple. You should take in at least 1g of protein per pound that you weight and about 3g of carbs per pound. Chiken breast and tuna fish are a great source of lean protein. If you like supplements Whey protein is very lean. Penut butter is good. Have fruits early in the day so that your body will use up the sugars.

-Third you must excersize. Excersize is good for you. Everyone should excersize at least 1 to 2 hours a day. There are different ways to excersize. If you are trying to bulk up you should lift weights 4 times a week. Your sets should be 8-10 reps for at least 1 hour. Dedicate 20 min to cardio after lifting. Go for a run or something like that. The cardio will relise the lactic acid that is being build up during the weight lifting and will make you have that cut look. If your trying to have lean muscle and have that long look. then you should lift light weight and do sets of 12-16 reps. Cardio should be 30-40 min. Wether your trying to bulk up or be lean i suggest that you dedicate 1 day to cardio alone and remember building muscle is good. Muscle burns fat and uses up calories.