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How to get Motivated to Exercise

Did you begin reading this article because you, like many Americans in today’s society feels overweight? Do you find it difficult to get yourself motivated? Have you thought to yourself, there has to be a way to make exercising fun. This is a common problem for many people today, especially women. After having a child, or getting married or any other life changing event it can be very hard to find the extra time to fit in an exercise routine into your life, not to mention making it fun.

The first thing you have to do is decide that you really want to begin to get healthy. Once you decide that it is the right time you are more likely to be successful. Next you have to start slowly and don’t be to zealous for immediate results.

If you are beginning, and have never so much as walked more than a few hundred feet at a time, you are going to want to begin just by getting on your feet and begin moving around in your living space. If you have stairs take a few trips up and down. If you have laundry in the basement separate it into two baskets and bring one up or down at a time. This will get your heart pumping and get you used to moving. Each day add a little bit more time to your routine, this allows your body to gradually get accustomed to the exercise. You should also include activities that you like to do. If the climate and weather is nice and you enjoy gardening add that into the routine. Take a few laps around your house to decide where to plant that gorgeous new rosebush. Maybe your good friend lives in the next neighborhood. Instead of driving to see her take a walk to her house. When you use activities that you enjoy it will seem less like work and more like fun.

If you are someone that has been in an active exercise routine in the past but got off track, you should also start out slow, but most likely will be able to begin with a brisk walk. You know your abilities so use your own judgment. Take along your favorite music player and walk to the beat of the songs on your playlist. This will give you the alternating cardio speeds that are good for your heart and help with losing weight. As stated above you should start out slow. So the first time maybe ten minutes of brisk walking is enough. Each day increase your time or distance as you feel is appropriate.

No matter where your activity level is in order to be successful with exercise and losing weight you need to make it enjoyable. When you set goals for yourself make them small at first so that you don’t become discourage because you only lost five pounds in the first two weeks and not ten. When you reach a goal set a reward for yourself. Go out and buy a new pair of walking shoes, or that cute dress that didn’t fit before but now it does because you lost fifteen pounds. This will keep you motivated and also give you a sense of pride in yourself.

So, turn of your computer, put on those sneakers and get fit, you can do it!