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How to get help if you are an Alcoholic

Are you drinking more but enjoying it much less? Has alcohol become a predominant thing in your life? Are you isolating and spending time drinking throughout the night?

If your answer to these questions is yes, you likely have an alcohol problem, and you will need to help to overcome it. You may have even crossed the line into full-blown alcoholism.

Alcoholism is recognized as a disease by the medical community, and it is an addiction that holds hostage the minds and bodies of its sufferers. The worst thing about alcoholism is that it is progressive.

Its grip on you will get stronger over time, and things will continue to worsen. You may lose a job, but without help, you will keep drinking. You may then lose your marriage, but the bottle still calls.

As your physical health deteriorates, you continue to drink. And finally you will start to lose your sanity.

Sound bleak? This simplistic description of how alcoholism destroys lives is not nearly as bleak as reality often proves to be. Talk to family members of an alcoholic one day, and you will hear some really sordid details.

But there is hope, and that hope is that those with alcohol problems can get help. If you are facing issues with drinking, you should seek help immediately. More than likely you are already an alcoholic, but if not, you may be headed toward that destination.

Below are some ways as to how to get help for an alcohol problem.

* Get honest.

The only way you will get help for alcoholism or heavy drinking is to come clean with yourself and others. You must admit that you have a serious problem with alcohol.

Denial is amazingly powerful, and it can escort alcoholics to an early grave. The reason many with a drinking problem cannot admit it may be that they are fearful of the idea of giving up drinking completely. Or their pride may just get in the way.

* Talk to a reputable doctor or therapist.

Your next step is to seek counsel from a reputable doctor or therapist. It may be wise to see a doctor and be really honest about how much you have been drinking and for how long.

If you are in such a state that you need to be dried out, a doctor may keep you for a couple of days or send you straight to a rehab facility.

Keep in mind that your honesty is important in helping a doctor or therapist make viable recommendations. There are many options for help from alcohol addiction, but you are the one who really knows the degree of your problem.

* Commit to Alcoholics Anonymous.

One of the most amazing programs of recovery for full-blown alcoholism or for heavy drinking is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). This group, which first formed in the 1930s, has miraculously turned around the lives of millions.

AA is not what you see in the movies, although countless films have tried to capture it. AA offers a practical and spiritual solution to a terrible disease. And it works for those who follow the program and who honestly want to stop drinking.

AA is an incredible fellowship, too. You will feel welcomed there by others who share the same dilemma that you have. Yet they have gotten well.

One of the most powerful things about AA is that its members truly understand the complexities of an alcohol problem. They get it, and you do not have to explain to them. They also can share their experience, strength and hope with you. And it’s truly inspiring.

These are but a few ways to seek help for an alcohol problem. If you find that your drinking is getting out of hand, or has been out of control for some time, it’s never too late to get honest and seek help.