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How to get Fit the old Fashionded way

One of the odd things about modern life is how everyone has come to believe that the only way to get fit is by purchasing equipment and using it or by going to a gym. This is especially interesting when you consider that for most of human history, most people managed to stay reasonably fit simply by living a lifestyle that made it so; there was no need to do extra stuff, simply for the benefit of toning muscles or avoiding the buildup of flab.

Thus, there are ways to get and stay fit that have nothing to do with exercising, and everything with staying active. After all, exercise is only exercise if it is something that is done purposely to become more fit. This means that if you do things for the fun of it, or as part of your job; things that just happen to increase fitness, you’re actually improving your fitness level without exercising.

As an example, say you discover, perhaps by accident one day, that you enjoy playing tennis. You like the activity and the competitiveness and how it makes your body feel while you’re doing it, and after. Quite naturally, you’re likely to play tennis again after that, and then again and again, because people just naturally do the things that need to be done when it comes to doing things they want to do. It’s not work, nor is it technically speaking exercise. It’s doing something because you enjoy doing it.

This is how you get fit without doing exercises. You find things that you like to do, that requires your body to move around and perhaps exert itself, and then make it your hobby, or your fun thing you do when you have some free time.

It doesn’t have to be tennis of course, there are a lot of things people do that keep their body moving; things such as gardening, horseback riding, walking, hiking, camping and even in some ways, shopping. The idea is that in order for the human body to attain some level of fitness, there needs to be some sort of regular activity. That’s it; it’s nothing fancy, just good old common sense.

Consder your current lifestyle; if you’re like many people, you spend most of your time either sitting or laying down while you sleep. The amount of time you spend on your feet doesn’t amount to much, and the amount of time you spend doing something that requires full body movement, is likely pretty slim. This is why so many people need to get more active, rather than running out to do the gym or the weight room.

Park farther from the store when you shop; walk to wherever you are going when you can; get up and do something that takes more energy than hoisting the television remote and you too will start to find yourself getting more fit, and without even one little bit of exercise.