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How to Find the best Low Calorie Snacks

The best low calorie snacks may take a little bit of extra work, but will pay out in the end , with you losing weight. You may feel like you are cheating on your diet by eating some delightfully, tasty low calorie snacks, but you won’t be. Eating high calorie snacks such as potato chips, cookies, and lip smacking finger foods such as chicken wings, onion rings and fries are loaded with high calorie fat that is so bad for you and you may have to call the paramedics after finishing off several of these high calorie bad foods.

Low calorie foods usually do not give you heartburn, clogged arteries, and a run-down, sluggish feeling. What are the best low calorie snacks? They are the snacks you can eat that taste good, are healthy for you, and will help you lose weight.

Low calorie drinks

There are so many low calorie drinks on the market today, they have to be mentioned. Besides water, diet soda drinks, and various flavored waters are being produced today that taste so good, you will want to drink them. You can eat snacks and not obtain any calories from your drinks if you desire. Flavored drinks, diet sodas, and tea contain zero calories. The best part is they taste great; so good in fact these no calorie drinks taste better than regular sodas and many other drinks. You can even have very low calorie beer with your snack or when you go out with only 64 calories.

Celery or carrot sticks

Eating celery or carrot sticks may take a little bit of work with washing and cutting these fiber rich vegetables, but they are worth eating. Celery has no calories, and carrots have very few calories. Just by chewing and digesting these seriously low calorie snacks, you will be losing weight eating them. Your body will be expending calories digesting these no calorie foods. Just stay away from the fattening dips, and you should be fine.


Yogurt is another very healthy low calorie snack. Yogurt is currently available with low fat milk that offers you a delightful selection of what fruit you want to eat in a two or one percent yogurt snack. You can also obtain some much needed vitamins and nutrient rich calcium. Here’s an idea to give your snack added taste; dip those celery or carrot sticks into the yogurt, utilizing it as a low calorie dip.


Fill a small bowl with a crunchy delight while watching TV. Cheerios, Multi-grain Cheerios, Corn Pops, and even Corn Flakes can all be eaten without milk as a very low calorie snack. A small bowl of Cheerios contains only about 100 calories, and has healthy vitamins you need to thrive.

Low calorie snacks can be had anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to feel deprived anymore; not with the ultra-rich, tasty snacks available today. You can also create your own snacks of cereal, or low fat pretzels, using low fat yogurt as your dip.