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How to Find a Lung Cancer Specialist

Lung cancer specialists have good reputations and among those you should choose one with the best record of care that’s available in your area. They will be well trained in respiratory care as well as in cancer research and will be knowledgeable as to in the latest treatment options. Ask around, especially get the opinions of those who have the same disease or who have family members or friends who highly recommend a certain doctor. After that, search out his credentials online. You might even call the hospitals in your area and see who is listed as oncologists and call their offices. You could tell them what you are looking for and ask for recommendations.

You will want an oncologist who has had a lot of experience with treating lung cancer and one who knows his field well. A good doctor will not mind that you ask questions and they will help you find the kind of help you will be comfortable with.

If money is no issue, or if you have sufficient health insurance and you won’t mind going out of town reputable well known specialist with a proven record of success, will be recommended. Other wise, settling for the best of the best in your own area will probably be the best bet. Many times people assuming that their own doctors are less skilled that say those at the Mayo Clinic or at Johns Hopkins will be pleasantly surprised to find that the care is about the same.

The difference is in in publicity. Not to say the doctors in these high priority areas aren’t capable, but even they can do only so much when dreaded lung cancer strikes. What you don’t want to do is to wait around waiting for treatment and allowing the cancer to spread. It would be far wiser to settle for the earliest chemotherapy or surgery or what ever it is that is recommended.

Having several specialist take a look at the x-rays and the suggestions made by the two or three top oncologist and your regular doctor is not out of the question. They will, or they should, appreciate your concern and they are anxious to see you get well. Every successful cancer cure adds to their list of ‘cures’ and furthers their success. But to be honest, this is not the reason for their interest in your case.

Your cancer treatment is important to them and they will be as helpful as possible. If, however, you do no like the type of care in your own area, check out online and get an evaluation of the best oncologist, and do a check on the doctors.

Believe it or not, you can find out information about doctors in your state just by checking out online. To be fair, you may see things that are false, but you will have to sift through and find out information for yourself. But be warned, do not rely on those who have grudges. A lot of reputations have been ruined by careless online remarks. This is not being fair to the hard working honest doctors who do the best they know how.

But, on the other hand, don’t settle. Check out the legitimate sites that has only one purpose in mind, to catch fraudulent doctors and to promote those who are qualified.