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How to Fight Stress

How to Survive Stress in the Work Place

How many people do not experience stress in their work place? The answer must certainly be “not many.” It is even worse in times of recession, when you are unhappy in your job.Yet, you cling to it, because you never know when you will be told not to return the following day; or be greeted upon arrival one morning by closed doors, without prior warning.

The two words, stress and work just seem to be bound together. Stress from work is one of the major causes of physical mental illness today. It is a killer disease which is caused by bosses, co-workers, the workspace, location, the equipment used and low wages among others. Stress may be difficult to escape, but we need to make every effort to reduce it in order to survive.

You know the warning signs and symptoms. You may experience one or more of the following: constant headaches, dizziness, muscle tension in your neck and shoulders, palpitations, or excessive sweating. If you are a smoker, you may increase your smoking. If you are not, you may begin smoking. The same goes for alcohol; you may either drink more, or start drinking.

Investigate various ways in which you can relax and make your work life both physically and mentally more comfortable and enjoyable. There are some simple exercises which you can do at work. .You can do these during break time or your lunch time. Sitting at your desk, you can unplug your phone and sit in a comfortable position while doing the exercises for up to 20mins. During this time, try to do some mental visualization, by closing your eyes and picturing a place or object of beauty preferably.

Apart form this mental image; you can look directly at an object in the room, like a flower or a painting for example, or a certain color in your clothes or on the wall. Alternate between closing and opening your eyes, and looking at the real or mental object until the end of the session.

Work on these other details to assist in your survival. Your office chair and desk should be comfortable. Try having a screen on your computer monitor to cut the glare. Make your office as attractive as possible with plants and seasonal flowers. These are good therapy, as they radiate energy. Hang a painting on the wall. Ensure that your workspace is well lit.Aavoid clutter. Sit upright at your desk. Your chair should be at the right height so both your feet rest comfortably on the floor.

Take breaks, not only away from the desk during break and lunch time if you work in an office, but also from the glare and electromagnetic radiation of your computer by switching it off when you can. Squeeze and open your fists frequently to avoid cramps in your hands. Use some of these breaks to massage your eyes and neck. If you drive a truck or work in a factory; whatever the nature of your job, take breaks and do relaxing exercise.

On arrival home on evenings, unwind with some form of exercise if you don’t attend a gym. Use a warm bath incorporating aromatherapy. Laugh with your spouse, children, play with your pets, watch a good TV show, or listen to your favorite music. Men can indulge in some form of sport. It is good to have an engaging hobby and to indulge in it regularly. All this together with a healthy diet and a positive attitude can go a long way in helping to reduce stress.

According to the principle of the Chinese art of Feng shui, clearing clutter and creating a sacred space in your work and home environment are very beneficial in achieving calmness and relaxation.