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How to Feed a Vegetarian Child

If you are raising a vegetarian child, you still want him or her to eat healthy. There are many great meal ideas that little vegetarians will love and enjoy. These include the following:

Healthy pizza

Kids love pizza, and you can make a version that is both vegetarian and healthy. If you have a breadmaker or even if you don’t, then you can make a simple crust with a recipe from a website like AllRecipes.com. To save time, you can buy a premade pizza dough or simply use a pita or even something unusual like Indian naan bread for the base.

Add a healthy pizza sauce that you made or bought. To make it healthy, do not overload it with cheese. Try to use a healthier cheese such as one that is lower in fat or fat-free. Then you can add healthy toppings such as tomatoes and mushrooms. Let your child help you make it and experiment with different toppings. You can make a far healthier and yet just as delicious version as the restaurants.

Mexican food

Make a vegetarian burrito with all of your child’s favorite fillings. Beans are a great source of protein for a vegetarian child, and you will have many choices including baked beans, black beans, kidney beans, chick peas and more. Look for low sodium versions. You can then add a little cheese and vegetables like carrots, squash, broccoli and corn. Microwave it or cook it in the oven.

You can also make a quesadilla instead. This often uses mozzarella cheese and is flatter and wider than a burrito. You can cook it in a pan on the stove.

Children may enjoy making their own creations with a fajita. Put out burritos, different vegetables, salad items, cheese and sour cream and let him or her fill it.

Pasta dishes

There are many great pasta dishes for a vegetarian child. He or she might like a vegetarian lasagna that has layers of spinach or vegetables instead of meat. Baked ziti is also delicious. Make a pasta primavera with a light garlic sauce and a variety of different vegetables.


There are many great casseroles to make for a vegetarian child. Use cous cous or something similar as a base. Add in broccoli, spinach and other vegetables. You can also make a stir fry. A sweet combination involves mixing five pounds of vegetables with two thirds of a cup of maple syrup, two thirds of a cup of soy sauce and a little garlic and oil. Let it cook in a stock pot.

There are many great vegetarian meals that you can make for little ones. Try the above recipes and alter to your tastes.