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How to Energize without Caffeine

Kicking caffeine to the curb is not a diet; it is a lifestyle change. You will gradually cut all caffeine products out of your life. These products are all coffee, all chocolate, all diet soda, pain relievers containing caffeine, diet pills, and any natural herbal preparations or teas containing caffeine.

You must also stop consuming all sugar and products with sugar. Why? Because sugar causes energy spikes and crashes (as does caffeine) and experiencing energy crashes will work against your ability to be rid of your craving for caffeine.

To avoid further energy crashes, do not carb-load on meals heavy in starches. Replace excessive use of bread products and potatoes with vegetables. Keep your fruit intake light to moderate.

Because caffeine is an extremely addictive drug, you will most likely experience withdrawal symptoms. Symptomology includes headaches, eyestrain, muscle aches and pains, sleeplessness, irritability etc. To lessen the withdrawal experience, use patience in “slowly” cutting back on your
caffeine, sugars and starches.

Undoubtedly, you have read about the health benefits of coffee and chocolate, however, the only time that chocolate and coffee contain any appreciable health benefits is when they are consumed in their natural, unprocessed state.

Giving yourself the all-important advantage of following the above changes in your lifestyle will bring you fifty percent of the way along your journey of feeling your best and increasing your energy balance through an entire day.

At this point in your caffeine-free program, your kidneys, blood pressure, adrenalin and insulin production are balanced and it is time to learn how to give yourself a caffeine-free energy boost using Yoga.

Begin a morning Yoga pranayama (energy breathing) practice and your body will thank you with establishing an evenly balanced energy flow during your action packed days, and you will sleep soundly at night. Your morning rushes and afternoon crashes will be a thing of the past.

You will only need two exercises for your specific caffeine-free energy goal:

Dog Panting – Taking quick short breaths through your nose, you will work up to three sets at one-minute each. You may rest ten seconds between sets. Do not strain. Expect to reach your goal gradually.

Packing – Stand partially stooped from the waist keeping the knees slightly bent and feet shoulder width apart. Grasping your knees with your hands, allow your head to comfortabley droop.

Find your stomach extending first and your chest last as you inhale. Continue filling your lungs. Take care not to shrug your shoulders. When you feel your lungs filled, sniff and retain short inhalations until your lungs have reached their absolute limit.

Hold your breath, but do not strain. Gradually increase your retention time and slow down your exhalations. Performing this exercise once per day is enough.

Panting and Packing are great for morning wakeup and mid-day refreshing. Both exercises are done together in under seven minutes!

Always see your physician before beginning a new exercise routine. ‘Packing’ may be contraindicated for individuals with high blood pressure.