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How to Encourage your Spouse to Lose Weight

You and your spouse have both changed through the years, but not always for the better. As much as you love your significant other, he or she has put on some extra pounds. And you’re concerned about their health as a result. But how can you possibly go about encouraging your spouse to lose weight? Such a touchy topic could lead to hurt feelings and anger. It’s all about how you show encouragement.

* Set a good example

First of all, you can set a good example of healthy living for your spouse. Practice good eating habits and make exercise a priority. Without making a big deal of it, you can show your spouse how it’s done. When you’re living right, it shows. Your skin will have a glow. You’ll have more energy. Your moods will be better. Perhaps your spouse will see how you benefit from making good choices and will follow suit.

* Be kind in any comments you make

No matter how well intentioned you may be, making comments to your spouse about the need to lose weight can be a landmine. While you may believe in brutal honesty, harsh words will not go over well. Remember, your spouse is the one carrying extra weight and looking worse for the wear. He or she knows that weight needs to be lost. So you will do no good by making abrasive comments about it. Instead, approach the topic gently and kindly.

If your spouse brings up the fact that he needs to lose weight, ask how you can help. Or remind him that you would like to be supportive toward his goal. Tell him that you know he can do whatever he sets his mind to, and offer your encouragement. By being kind with the spoken word, you will accomplish far more than if firm and demanding.

* Prepare healthier meals

If you’re the one who does the cooking, you can easily contribute to your spouse’s weight loss efforts. Learn to prepare healthier meals. Many people mistakenly believe that healthier foods are bland and boring. That’s just not the case. There are so many wonderful dishes that are not high in calories and fat. Try some recipe ideas from Cooking Light magazine. Explore new methods of cooking. Help your spouse eat healthier dinners.

* Join your spouse in exercise

Many people find it easier to get in walks or jogs when they have an exercise buddy. A great way to encourage your spouse to lose weight is to get moving with them. Instead of eating popcorn and watching movies on Saturday afternoon, go for a long hike with your spouse. Join him in getting up super early before work for walks around the neighborhood. Go to the gym as a couple.

These are just a few ways to encourage your spouse to lose weight. As long as you come from a place of support and not judgment, you can find ways to help your spouse become lighter and healthier.