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How to Drop a Dress Size in Time for Christmas

It is entirely possible to drop at least a dress size in time for Christmas, so that you are able to show off your shapely but slightly reduced figure at your office Christmas party or when you meet up with family and friends on Christmas Day. Everybody likes receiving compliments about the way they look, and if you turn up to various Christmas celebrations looking slimmer and stunning you are likely to elicit a positive response from people you may not have seen for quite awhile. The thought of dazzling everyone with your weight loss can provide you with an incentive to lose weight, but it’s you who has to put the work in if you want to achieve your weight-loss goal.

It helps to leave yourself enough time to lose weight for Christmas, as deciding to lose weight two weeks beforehand probably isn’t the wisest idea. In order to lose a substantial weight within such a short space of time would require you to virtually starve yourself, which won’t do your mind or body any good, and as soon as you start eating (which you tend to do a lot of over Christmas, anyway) the chances are you’ll gain the weight back, plus a little bit extra. If you give yourself a month and half or two months, though, it is quite possible for you to lose some weight without resorting to drastic measures. If you manage to lose a couple of pounds each week over two months then you will have lost 16 pounds.

You are likely to notice when you’ve lost that amount of weight, since your clothes are likely to feel loser, while others may also notice that you’re looking slimmer in the face. Obviously, it depends on the amount of weight you have to lose in the first place as to how noticeable your weight loss is, but any weight loss is a step in the right direction. If you want to lose weight so that you can keep it off in the long run you need to do it sensibly, which means eschewing fad diets and formulating your own diet plan and routine that you can stick to. You may read that you have to eat six meals a day if you want to optimise your weight loss, but if you find that you prefer eating three large meals without snacks, since snacks are your downfall, then that’s what you ought to do.

As long as you consume fewer calories than you burn you will see a weight loss, but it is up to you to make healthier food choices and reduce your portion sizes, as well as making an effort to exercise more. By taking these measures you are likely to lose weight in time for Christmas, making it easier to pick up right where you left off once Christmas is over.