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How to do the Firemans Lift

Emergencies arise everyday, and fallen victims often need to be rescued out of harm’s way. Firemen are trained to perform the fireman’s lift with easy and accuracy, but the average person might not recognize the skill and technique involved. Emergencies are never predictable, and the need to perform a fireman’s lift could fall on non-expecting shoulders. These quick tips will help deliver the fireman’s lift in an accurate manner.

Due to the weight and slumped stature of an injured or incapacitated victim, it is important to lift the victim to his feet before attempting the fireman’s lift. Performing the fireman’s lift on a victim who is lying down or who has fallen on the ground is nearly impossible and requires a great amount of upper body strength. As a result, the injured or incapacitated victim must be placed in an upright standing position.

For a proper fireman’s lift technique, face the victim toward you. As you lift the victim to an upright position, make sure that she is facing you. Your right leg should be bent at the knee and placed between the victim’s thighs. The majority of the weight should be placed on the front foot. It is important to make sure that your footing is secure and that the victim is in the proper position before attempting to exert and lifting force.

As you begin to prepare for the fireman’s lift, grip the victim’s right hand. In order to accurately administer the fireman’s lift, grab the victim’s right hand with your left hand. To secure a proper hold on the injured victim, place your right arm between the victim’s legs right under his crotch area.

To provide the needed leverage and lifting control, wrap your right arm around the victim’s thigh. As you place your right arm through the victim’s thighs and under the crotch area, wrap your right arm around the victim’s right thigh.

In order to reduce the possibility injuring your back, bend using your knees before you lift. While bending at the knees and using your right arm like a lever, pull the victim up and over your right shoulder. As much as possible, try to distribute the weight evenly and use your legs to burden the bulk of the weight. Avoid using your back for the lift when performing the fireman’s lift.

The proper fireman’s lift technique could save a victim who has fallen prey to an unwanted casualty. Careful fireman’s lift procedures reduce the risk of injury to yourself and to the incapacitated victim.