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How to Develop a Passion for Exercise

Remember the days you spent as a child riding your bike, swimming, jumping rope and just romping around with your friends? Exercise was a fun, social event, not a chore or something you had to force yourself to do.

Maybe you were once passionate about sports and fitness in your adult life, but just haven’t been motivated or felt you had time or energy to keep up with it.

As we age, exercise doesn’t become less important than when we were younger. In fact, as we get older, it may be more important to exercise for a variety of reasons. But just because we need to do it, doesn’t always mean we want to. Here are five key reasons to develop your passion for exercise:

Feel Good.

Exercising can actually give you more energy, reduce stress, help you sleep better and improve your health in general. Blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes can all be controlled to some degree through exercise. By finding the time and energy to exercise, as well as the right exercise for your body, you may work smarter and think clearer. Those aches and pains could even disappear.

Look Good.

Losing pounds is the main reason many people exercise, but being fit also means gaining toned, younger looking legs, arms and abs, and a stronger spine for better posture. When you look your best, you are usually at your best. And who doesn’t like to feel attractive?

Meet Others.

Joining a bicycle club or a hiking group is a great way to meet people through exercise. Gyms and community centers offer group classes and chances to get involved in group sports such as basketball or volleyball. Tennis leagues are perfect for meeting other tennis buffs.

Connect with Nature.

Going for a walk or jog in the park, hiking in the mountains, or canoeing is a great way to reconnect with nature and really experience life. All that fresh air can help relax your mind and soothe your soul.

Learn Something New.

Learning to play a new sport or participate in a new-to-you technique, such as yoga or Pilates, can help keep your mind as well as your body active. Even activities that are usually reserved for children, such as skating or karate, can be fun to learn at any age.

Keep in mind, the best exercise is the one that excites you and motivates you. By finding the sport or activity that makes you feel like a kid again, you also can rediscover the passion that will keep you moving for years to come.