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How to Deal with Dental Braces during the first Week

If you have ever had dental braces, the first memory that probably comes to mind is getting them taken off. The second memory is most likely the pain incurred during the first week after having them put on. The first week is definitely the most difficult for anyone who has gotten braces, but there are a few tips to help make it a little easier for you.

Take a Pain Reliever

Take some sort of pain reliever to help ease the discomfort. Your teeth are not used to being tugged, yanked and moved, so they will probably feel fairly loose and sore. This discomfort will ease with time, and the pain reliever will help make the time until then a little more tolerable. The pain relievers will also help with any pain from the brackets rubbing on your gums.

Use Dental Wax

When you first get your braces put on, your gums will not be used to having something sharp digging into them constantly, which will lead to sores in your mouth. Your dentist will give you dental wax to help with this. Don’t be afraid to use the wax.

A lot of people don’t like to use it because then it sometimes shows. Other people are very forgiving to people who have braces, and will probably not even notice the wax. Make sure to use it.

Your gums will get used to the brackets eventually, but the wax provides a buffer during that process. Sometimes the brackets will rub your gums in a strange manner and you’ll need the wax even after you’ve had your braces on for a long time.

Eat Soft Foods

Lastly, eat soft foods for a while. Soups and noodles are generally best. Anything that requires a lot of pressure to chew is probably going to be too painful for a while. You’ll also find that your appetite may not be what it once was. Don’t worry; you’ll begin to regain it soon.

Another great food during the first week is ice cream. It’s a higher calorie food (since you won’t be eating a lot of regular food at first) and the coldness soothes any discomfort caused by your braces.

The first week of braces will be your most difficult. Your mouth will be sore, your jaw will be tired, and your teeth will be loose. Don’t worry. It does get better over time, even if it is never a joyous experience. The results in the end will be worth any discomfort you go through. Just remember why you got your braces in the first place.