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How to Cure various Ailment with Honey Ways to Improve your Health using Honey

There are 2 type of honey. The pure one and the fake. In this article i am referring to pure honey. There are 4 ways to test purity of honey.

1. Water Test. Put a table spoon of honey in a cup of water, watch if the honey dilute with water and turn to brown water, then it is fake honey, or sugar syrup but if it did not dilute with water it is original honey.

2. Matches Test.. Put the head of match into the honey and scratch. if it catches fire, then it is original but, if not, it is sugar syrup.

3. Odour Test. When you smell honey, if it is origi0nal one it will smell like palm oil and if not it is sugar syrup.

4. Ant Test.. Put a drop or two of the honey where ants are and watch if the honey expel ant, it is original but if it attracts ant it is sugar syrup.

You can improve your health using honey in the following ways.

Prevention of Stomach Problem. Taking Original honey prevents stomach problems naturally. Any lady or woman that take honey will never experience menstrual disorder. Amazingly, pure honey can be used to cure rheumatism. Just grind bitter leaf with pure honey, rub it and swallow 5 table spoon 3 times daily.

Pure honey can also be used to cure Asthma cough. Just mix snail white fluid with pure honey, take four table spoon thrice a day. If you are a singer, artist, then you can use pure honey to treat your voice. Just eat bitter cola very well, drink water and lick enough pure honey.

Honey is so powerful to the extent that it can cure heart related diseases. Simply grind 10 pieces of Gablic and 5 pieces of onion together, pour inside a bottle of pure honey 25cl bottle, allow it to ferment for 2 days. Take it 3 times daily.

If your hair always break, pure honey can stop the breakage. Mix the same quantity of honey and olive oil together and treat your hair with it. wash it always after 30 minutes with warm water regularly.

If you cannot sleep between 6 to 8 hours daily, then you may be suffering from insomnia-sleeplessness. Mix equal amount of pure honey an d Aloe-Vera together . Take it after a few minutes before bed time.

On the final note. People that are Diabetic can use pure honey instead of sugar if they want to drink tea.