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How to Cope with a Spouse with a Gambling Problem

How do you cope when your spouse has a gambling problem? You don’t. Instead, you survive for as long as you can, or until he pulls you out into the streets with him.

Here’s the deal: If there is one thing I’ve learned, the very hard way,” is that gambling is just a symptom of something else. You can’t fix it or him, so don’t even try. The best thing you can do for yourself, as well as for him, is to let him go where gamblers go and take care of YOURSELF!

Don’t be fooled. It’s a gambler’s rule to lie, cheat and steal, even from you. There is nothing that they won’t do. They’ll take any risk and go out on a limb, because that’s what gamblers are all about. So, don’t just cope. Let go!

One of the wisest things anyone ever said to me was to “Let go and let God.” Sometimes the greatest act of love is to allow the addict to fall into the depths of the hole they dug themselves. Only then, will they begin to clumb their way out.

1. PROTECT YOURSELF: Don’t buy the gambler’s lies. Keep your own money hidden from them at all times.

2. Go to an Al-anon meeting! It’s not just about alcoholics. The truth is that the 12 steps are true for you too.

3. Don’t manipulate or try to fix anything. It’s hard to do, but sometimes you must allow the gambler to face the music alone.

4. Remember this: The gambler has other issues, so don’t be surprised by them.

5. Don’t make idle threats. If you say, “I’m leaving you if you don’t quit,” them leave.

Be true to yourself and don’t allow the addict to pull you down.