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How to Conquer Stress

The notion of conquering stress is a fallacy. Stress is an intangible emotion that befalls most everyone. Stress can be equated to a rubber band that is stretched almost beyond its limit. Absolutely no one is immune from the feelings of stress. At our best, we can simply manage the symptoms of stress. We can conquer most anything by first recognizing the disorder and placing the disorder into a manageable order.

What are the signs or symptoms of stress? Many people have migraine headaches or elevated blood pressure, which is also commonly known as hyper tension or the silent killer. While some people may manifest stress disorder by over indulging in eating or drinking or engaging in some type of obsessive compulsive disorder. A sleepless night or insomnia are often signs of stress. Stress is manifested in a variety of ways

A high strung individual or someone who worries incessantly may be considered as someone that is suffering from some type of stress disorder. So, if you recognize any or all of these symptoms, then more than likely, you might be suffering from some type of stress.

We must first determine, what is in our control and what we can rearrange into some type of manageable order. We can start with the smallest things first. Yes, working on ourselves is a very big thing.

A good place to start is to rearrange our surroundings. Do you have a place for your personal belongings? A large basket or container may make finding your belongings more accessible to you. This way, you won’t waste precious time searching for your belongings each morning before you go to work. See there, you have just managed your time more wisely, therefore alleviating the stress of finding your belongings each morning.

Some of us are in relationships that are highly stressful. What are the causes of the tension and anxiety in these relationships? The person that is demanding must become less demanding to compromise the stresses in the relationship.In essence, both people must compromise their behavior to manage the stressful relationship.

None of us have the luxury of quitting our jobs if the boss or co-workers prove to be stress inducers. However, we can limit confrontation by focusing on improving our productivity at work and staying away from the gossip and philandering at work.

We can confront stress. We can manage our stress. Those are our only options where stress is concerned.By the way, don’t worry, be happy.