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How to Clean a Dental Bridge

Having false teeth or dental bridges does not keep you away from the risk of dental plaque. It is essential to know how to clean a dental bridge, so you can keep the dental plaque away from your mouth.

What type of floss to use

The best method of cleaning a dental bridge is by using dental floss, as this can reach to places where the toothbrush cannot. The recommended type of floss to use when learning how to clean a dental bridge is superfloss, made of stiff end threaders, spongy parts and regular parts of floss. The particularity of this type of dental floss makes cleaning a dental bridge an impeccable procedure. The stiff end threaders make it easier to introduce the floss beneath the bridge, between the orthodontic piece and the real teeth. The spongy floss is very useful for cleaning the wider areas, while the regular part of the superfloss is handy when trying to clean the dental plaque from the teeth located in the vicinity of the dental bridge.

How to clean a dental bridge properly

It is very important to know all the rules of dental hygiene, in order to have a healthy, nice smelling mouth. The following advice applies to dental bridge cleaning, but it should not be neglected by those that still have their strong healthy teeth.

First, the hard end of the floss must be introduced gently in the area where the bridge is caught onto the teeth.

Second, using a back and forth type of motion, the spongy floss must pass over the area between your gums and the dental bridge. Do not rub roughly; your gums may get irritated, as a result. Use caution and try to eliminate dental plaque, insisting on areas that you think that are more affected.

The third step involves pulling the floss gently from the area where it has done its work, so that it does not hurt your gums.

Other tools to properly clean a dental bridge

Other dentistry items can help you maintain a clean dental bridge. For instance, it is advisable to use only soft bristled toothbrushes, as they can reach more under the bridge and clean better, without hurting the gums. Using a mouthwash can also come very handy, if you are in a hurry, and you have to clean quickly your mouth after a meal.

Keep in mind that learning how to clean a dental bridge involves knowing how to floss properly. This is the most important aspect of keeping your teeth clean and in good health.