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How to Choose a Protein Powder

With the health and fitness industry raking in billions of dollars every year, it is obvious that people are interested in enhancing their health and wellness. The trouble that many people have, though, is knowing which products are actually going to be effective for them in meeting their health needs. You walk into the store to get a particular product and find that you are facing shelf after shelf of health and nutrition items that are all making the same claims and promises. How are you to know which one is going to be the right one for you?

One of the health supplements that many people look for today are protein powders. Protein is an essential ingredient for a healthy lifestyle as it will give you energy, keep you feeling fuller longer, help you to build muscle, and keep your blood sugars level for mood stability. In today’s busy lifestyle that is filled with quick “on the go” meals, fast food drive thrus, and aisles of processed foods offered at the local grocer, many people aren’t getting the recommended daily amount of protein into their diets. A high quality protein powder is a wonderful way to add some protein into a busy day, to ensure greater health and wellness. But, you are still stuck trying to figure out which one that would be, right?

There are three things that you are going to want to pay careful attention to when selecting a protein powder from the shelves. These three things are the value, the source of the protein, and the number of sugars that are also packed into the container. As for value, don’t let the price fool you. Some protein powders require that you use multiple scoops in order to get a full serving of the protein. Sometimes, the scoops are larger than you might expect them to be, too. In order to understand the real value that you are going to get, you need to look at how many servings there are per container and how many grams of protein you are getting per serving. This will give you a much clearer picture of what you’re paying for and how much protein you are actually going to be getting out of the product.

There are different sources of protein that you can be getting in a powder form. In general, whey protein is the one that is most easily digested by people, so it is the most popular of the protein types. However, there are some people that can’t have whey, often due to a lactose intolerance, and will be more satisfied with a soy-based protein powder. It is all a matter of what your body reacts best to.

Although you want your protein powder to be palatable and not have a terrible flavor, you don’t want it to be filled with so much sugar that you are getting a lot of empty carbohydrates in your drink, either. Be sure that you check the number of sugars that you are getting before purchasing your protein powder. They will be listed under the carbohydrate count, as that is what they will turn into in your system.

Protein is an essential building block to a healthy body and if you find that it’s hard for you to get the recommended daily portions into your diet, a protein powder can help you out tremendously. When choosing a protein powder, it is important that you look at the labels to find a product that combines a good protein source, low sugars, and excellent value.