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How to Choose a Multi Vitamin

Choosing a multi-vitamin can be a confusing task, especially if you are choosing it yourself and not by prescription.
The underlying premise of vitamins and other supplements in general is that they must work for you. The vitamin you use has to be digested properly by your body so that you really get the amount of the vitamin that you need.
When choosing a multi-vitamin, keep two points in mind. Firstly, what amounts of individual vitamins are included in the multi-vitamin? Then, you need to check how digestible the multi-vitamin you are buying is.
The amounts is the easy part. All you need to do is check the label and see what percentage of the approved daily amount is written there. It’s always nicer to get the muli-vitamin with the percentage closest to 100%. The better the amounts are, the less pills you need to swallow every day.

Checking the digestibility factor is much more complicated.Every body digests food differently, so using the multi-vitamin that worked for your friend may not necessarily work for you. You need to know your own body.
The question is, what is the source of the vitamin or mineral used in the multi-vitamin? Every individual reacts differently to foods and mineral sources. For example, someone who is lactose intolerant will not be assimilating calcium effectively if it comes from dairy sources. This holds true for every vitamin or mineral in the supplement. YOu must make sure that your body is able to properly digest the supplement so that you are getting the vitamins you need.
In gereral, the more natural the source of the vitamin, the more chances there are that the body will be able to break down and use the vitamins and minerals properly. There is often a phone number on the multi vitamin bottle for questions and comments. You can call and inquire about the sources of the vitamins included in the multi-vitamin.
If you know your body well, the task will be easier. Unfortunately, most of us do not know the best food sources for our digestive system. Therefore we have to rely on trial and error.
If you have been using a multi-vitamin for more than two weeks and have not seen any change, switch companies. A good multi-vitamin will have you feeling better within a week.
If you are not sure if you are feeling better or not, you can always go the safe and sure way by taking a blood test and seeing the levels of the vitamin in your blood. After taking the multi-vitamin for a while, take a second blood test and see if there is a change. If the levels have gone up, the multi-vitamin is working for you. If the levels have not gone up or even dropped, and you have taken the multi-vitamin consistently and according to instructions, it is obviously not working for you and you should try a different brand.
Many brands boast of natural sources for their vitamins and minerals and that their multi-vitamin is easily digestible. Go with what works for you.
On a more personal note I have to commend the Shaklee multi-vitamin. It worked wonders for me and for many women I know. I was diagnosed with low iron and prescribed a multi-vitamin and a separate iron supplement on top of it and my iron count kept dropping. Someone suggested Shaklee and said it was easily digestible. I stopped taking the iron supplement on the side and took the Shaklee multi vitamin on its own and my iron count started rising.
Choosing the multi vitamin is not easy. There are no guarantees until you try it for yourself.