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How to Burn Belly Fat with a Total Body Workout

Burn Belly Fat With A Total Body Workout

There is a myth floating around that people can actually lose weight and get a flatter stomach just by doing thousands of crunches. In reality, in order to burn off belly fat, and other body fat for that matter, a person needs to do a total body workout.

In order to really strengthen those belly muscles, the total body needs to be worked in exercises that will focus on strengthening the core area. Another huge component of losing any fat is eating healthy and following some sort of diet or meal plan. Below, there are several good exercises that can be done that will burn fat and work several areas of the body.

1. A good exercise to get your belly fat burning program going is the simple crunch. When done properly, this can be a good warm up to get the blood flowing and to increase the heart rate. As mentioned earlier, it is important to realize that this move alone is not enough to burn significant amounts of fat.

2. An exercise to follow the crunch could be an oblique crossover. With this exercise, you need to lay flat on your back with your legs bent at the knees. Your hands should be at the sides of your head. Using a motion similar to a crunch, you need to sit up and reach your shoulder and elbow towards the opposite knee. This move will bring the obliques into the exercise and start building that total body routine.

3. A third move in this series of exercises to burn belly fat is the plank. For this exercise, you need to put yourself in the position of doing a push up. Instead of resting on your hands, you should bend your arms and rest your forearms on the floor. Your legs should be extended out and you should hold this position for a count of thirty. During this exercise, it is very important to remember to breath. This will work the entire core area and keep your heart rate at a good level.

There are a few more exercises that can be done with the use of a stability ball. These exercise balls can provide the added support needed to complete very intense total body core moves. One of these moves is described below.

One of the best things that can be done to burn belly fat with these stability balls are squats. While this might not seem like an abdominal workout, it really does help the core get stronger. Holding the ball between the knees, and putting your arms straight out in front of you, a deep squat can be done. Focus on contracting the core muscles and keeping your back straight, and you should feel a good burn. Remember that the keys to burning fat are having a total body workout and a good diet.