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How to Build Endurance Levels

Increasing ones endurance levels is a challenge that many individuals face on a daily basis. From the workforce employee to the stay at home parent, increasing and maintaining endurance levels continue to be an area of opportunity in many lifestyles. There are several techniques and activities that can be implemented to achieve this goal.

The easiest way for an individual to get on the right track regarding endurance level is to create a reasonable exercise plan. A reasonable plan would include activities that one can perform without excessive stress or strain. This is the foundation which will be built upon to achieve the ultimate goal of increasing ones endurance level. Modification of an existing plan is also an option for those who are already active.

Common activities that an individual can do themselves include walking, jogging, running, hiking, biking, swimming and aerobics, to name a few. Establishing a daily workout goal is the first step in the process. For example, an individuals plan can start with an activity such as a 20 minute bike ride, 15 minute swim or 45 minute walk. The key to strengthening endurance is to achieve the set goal and then set another attainable goal to work towards. Adding 10-15 minutes to ones chosen activity upon reaching the current goal can be considered the stepping stones to building endurance.

Many individuals find themselves more successful in a group setting. For those people who tend to thrive from the support of others, joining a gym or Zumba class may be a worthwhile option. Enroll in a beginner’s class for several weeks and monitor the level of progress. Asking the instructor for periodic feedback would be beneficial to achieving this type of endurance goal. Under the direction of the class instructor, moving to a longer class or one with a higher intensity level will be the next step to take in the process. Repeat this pattern until you feel you have reached a plateau. At this point, it may be necessary to change activities. For example, someone who has peaked at walking may consider implementing a jogging routine next. Always start your new activity at a lower intensity than your previous activity. Someone who has walked for five miles every day may not be able to jog five miles on the first day. A two mile jog may be more feasible until the endurance is built.

Learning how to build endurance levels is something that affects all types of people. Anyone interested in maintaining good physical and emotional well being should seriously consider the above activities (or ones similar) to obtain this objective. Setting achievable goals in activities that are gratifying is a sensible option to explore. Whether you enjoy working alone or in groups, increasing stimulating activity is the best way to raise ones endurance levels.