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How to be an Optimist

In today’s world it can be very hard to be optimistic. Every time you turn on the news or pick up the morning newspaper there is another atrocity being reported or jobs being lost. There are two choices that you have when waking up to these things. You can either succumb to it’s sadness or hold what you have dear to your heart and be happy you have it.

Being the optimist, you must first look around you and be thankful. Consider how bad things could be for you and how they are not. Don’t dwell on the negative but look to the good. Try not to ponder over the things you don’t have. Think about the things you do. Your home may not be the biggest or the best but it is yours and you make it what it is. So what if you don’t have the nicest furniture or the nicest car. These are not the things that define us and by accepting this and appreciating the things you do have you move one step closer to being the optimist. Just because you don’t have those things now doesn’t mean that you never will.

Taking time to enjoy the little things can also make you optimistic. Looking forward to a hot bath that makes you feel better or that feeling you get when you settle beneath the blankets with a good book can make you feel like you have something to look forward to. Look ahead to taking up a hobby or increasing your family time. These are things that can be very relaxing and help you to be positve in your future participation in these.

Another trait of the optimist is that they realize that every day is a new day with new opportunities. If one door shuts another will open. With a little hard work and a lot of positivity,anything is possible. If faced with a day where nothing goes right and everything is wrong holding fast to the belief that tomorrow will be better,you can make it through. Change what you can and accept that you can’t change everything.

The positivity can also rub off on the people around you if your trying to be the optimist. A smile is often return and a nice gesture appreciated. A good attitude goes a long way when dealing with people who are not so happy and optimistic. There are always going to be those people who are unhappy with everything and everybody around you. Their negativity can be as strong an influence as your optimism if you allow it to be. Stay strong in knowing that things change and can change for the good if you work for it to be so. Hopefully it will be your influence rubbing off instead of the latter.

Sometimes people think the optimist is ignorant to the world and has a hard time understanding the cup being half full way of thinking but in truth, being the optimist is a strong survival technique. These people can overcome the worst case scenarios that life has to throw and move on to become productive and happy. They are less likely to lay down and give up when the tough times get tougher and are often times very good at being the rock in someones life when they are needed to be. They have that gift of being able to put things in to perspective and presenting more positive options to those who can’t see them.