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How to Avoid Weight Gain after a Break up

A bad break-up can be psychologically devastating. But just because your heart is broken, doesn’t mean you should let your body fall apart as well. There are some important ways to avoid weight-gain after a break up.

-1) Lay Off The Ice Cream!

It is a cliche that after a breakup, the dumped victim of the break-up will drown themselves in a large carton of ice-cream. But while this may be a temporary quick-fix, channeling sorrow into an unhealthy behavior is not a good way to get over a relationship. This can leave to devastating weight gain, and a further downward spiral into depression. If you insist on eating something sweat to feel better, consider something a bit healthier, like frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt is much healthier than ice cream, and generally has fewer calories.

-2) Watch Your Drinking!

Drinking is often used to get over a relationship. Either as a way to celebrate the new single life or to quickly get over a relationship and meet someone new, alcohol is often used as a quick-fix for a long-term problem. But drinking alcohol in excess can quickly lead to weight-gain. A shot of vodka can be over 100 calories. If you insist on drinking, find out which drinks have the fewest calories, and consider these smarter choices.

-3) Exercise.

The end of a relationship can create a lot of stress that must be relieved. But instead of challenging this sadness into unhealthy behaviors like eating unhealthy foods and drinking to excess, exercise can be an effective way to channel out-of-control emotions after a bad-breakup. Running is a great way to burn calories and deal with the frustration stemming from your past relationship. Exercise is a productive behavior that will send powerful endorphin throughout your body, improving both your self-esteem and your physique. If you look better, you will feel better as well! So get out your Ipod, create a nice running playlist, and hit the gym.

-4) Talk to a trusted friend.

Bottling up your emotions after the end of a relationship is an unhealthy way to deal with it. This may lead to poor sleeping patterns and unhealthy behaviors. However, talking to someone is a great way to resolve emotions after a relationship ends. By talking to a friend, you can get the moral support you desperately need in a tough emotional time.

Remember that relationships start and end every day, so look on the bright side! Tomorrow you might just meet the man or woman of your dreams. So stay positive, don’t lose focus, and you can ward off post-relationship weight gain.