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How to Avoid Feeling self Conscious about your Size

In a society that constantly holds up “thin” as the image we should all strive to attain, it can be tough not to have moments of self doubt and self consciousness that are connected to our size. The images that are constantly put forth in the main stream media as being the “ideal” are impossible for most of us to attain. These images are doctored, edited and photoshopped, some of them to a degree that represents measurements that would be impossible for a normal human being too sustain, and then these images are held up as being the ideal. And we compare ourselves to these images – even though the models who are actually pictured in these images would not hold up well if compared to the edited versions of themselves. Although it may seem impossible, we have to do our best not to compare ourselves because it will only lead to us feeling bad about ourselves.

It is an unfortunate reality that we connect our feelings about our self and our identity with how we look. Physical appearance has nothing to do with what kind of person we are – or at least it shouldn’t – and yet, we still judge ourselves based on what we look like. In order to stop feeling self conscious about your size, you need to become comfortable with your size and learn to value the other things about you that help to make up who you are.

Physical appearance is only one part of us and it has little to no bearing on the type of people we become. In order to stop feeling self conscious about your size, you need to learn to place value on the other, far more important aspects of who you are. Find things about your appearance that you like and focus on those features rather than honing in on the parts of yourself that you are not as pleased about.

If you are truly unhappy about your appearance, focus some of your energies on getting healthier by working out on a regular basis. You will be improving your overall health and your self esteem all in one fell swoop. As your workouts increase, you will begin to develop a better relationship with your body and you will begin to feel more confident about yourself. Focus on those feelings of confidence rather than focusing on the areas that you don’t particularly like and you will not feel quite as self conscious.