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How to Avoid Binge Eating on the Weekend

If you have a habit of binge eating, the urge to cram large quantities of food into your mouth can hit you at any time. However, it is usually during the weekend when you find yourself overwhelmed by temptation that you then give into because you don’t have work, your studies or a hectic family life to keep your mind off food. It is during the weekend when you should be relaxing that you can get rather stressed about the prospect of having to control yourself around food. You have too much time on your hands and when your partner and children are enjoying their food, you don’t want to feel left out.

Part of the problem is that you can’t simply serve yourself a small portion of fries for lunch or eat a couple of squares of chocolate whilst watching a DVD with your family. If you’ve been severely restricting yourself at meal times during the week you may decide to let yourself go mad and eat whatever you feel like. The weekend is there to be enjoyed and if you enjoy your food, why not partake of it? You really need to slow down, though, rather than chomping away on the all the food you have available in the house, so that you remain aware of your calorie consumption. You can treat yourself, but you don’t want to overdo it and you need to recognise when you’re full.

You shouldn’t have to feel guilty for overeating at the weekend, but at the same time you don’t want to tell yourself that you deserve to eat whatever you want, as this will just make it easier for you to binge in future. Thus, you still need limits in place at the weekend, even if you do decide to relax your diet a bit. In the end, if you want to manage your weight you’re going to have to get the balance right between eating what you want and ensuring you don’t eat so much that you gain weight. Really, you should be thinking of ways to keep yourself busy at the weekend so that you don’t have a chance to think about food. Shopping might pass some time, but it doesn’t really count if you’re shopping for food!

You could always get active, as this is a great way to keep your mind occupied, to keep you away from food and to ensure that if you do overdo it you can burn off some of those extra calories. You have an opportunity to spend time with your children, partner and friends whilst walking or cycling; or you may decide to take up a sport so that you can make some new friends. As long as you have something to do with your time that stops you feeling bored and that can help keep your mind off food you will hopefully get through the weekend without bingeing.