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How to Assume your own Person Hood

Assuming your own person-hood and standing firm, may prove to be the most important thing that you can do in your lifetime. Many people try to be like others in attempting to assume their identities; some go even further and ‘become’ other people, at least in their own minds. Their own person-hood is lost in the process. For example, a teenage girl may imitate a female singer whose music she loves, instead of just being herself. A young man may try to become a famous sports figure from the past or present.

The question of how to assume your own person-hood becomes one of personal identity.

What is personal identity?

The freedictionary.com suggests that identity is “the set of behavioral or personal characteristics by which an individual is recognizable by a member or a group”.

When a person attempts to be the same as someone else, or to become someone else, his or her own identity or person-hood may be lost or distorted. In the extreme, this signifies the loss of identity and reality, or mental illness like schizophrenia. Family members and friends may no longer be able to identify with them.

In reality, personhood or identity is “the distinct personality of an individual” or “individuality”. It is also a “persisting entity” rather than something that comes and goes.

How to assume your own person-hood means being who you are, at all times. Focusing on your own strengths and minimizing your weaknesses allows the strong aspects of your own person-hood to be manifest. Every person has a distinct personality that makes him or her a unique individual. Personality traits do not necessarily disappear when someone tries to assume the identity of another person, even though he or she may attempt to hide them.

Confusion may result when a person tries to assume someone else’s person-hood. It is akin to role-playing, as opposed to the reality of life. Role-playing can be fun unless the person playing the role becomes fixated on being someone other than him or herself.

Not assuming someone else’s identity allows you the opportunity to become your own person. Your own personality traits will be manifest instead of pseudo-personality traits that are not really yours. Your collective personality traits make you a complete whole, as well as the person who you are.

Do not waste your time and energy on being someone other than your own person. Focus on being yourself with all of your own individual characteristics instead of magnifying a pseudo-personality that you might try to assume.

Shakespeare wrote these words, “This above all: to thine own self be true.”

Shakespeare, by assuming his own person-hood, became the person we know him to be today.

You can do that also and blossom in your own person-hood. Remember that you are your own person and can take pride in that reality.