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How to Achieve Long Term Weight Loss Success

They are out there, the people who are natuarlly thin, fit and healthy. If you are like me you are not one of them. I have battled with weight issues my entire life, and once you start battling with weight issues you will never stop. The most important thing is knowing that it is a battle you can win. Eventually you will come to realize that your weight, the number on the scale, or however you refer to it, cannot control your life. It, like age, is just a number. the scale doesn’t tell you who you are, how much you can do, or even what you can and can not do. once you realize these things you are prepared to enter the realm of achieving weight loss.

First thing to do, no matter how cliche or unimportant it may sound, is to have a serious open discussion with your doctor. Doctors are wonderful people who really do care about your health. If you have no idea where to start your doctor can make recommendations for anything from a nutritionist to an exercise facility which would benefit you. The bonus that a lot of people don’t realize about there doctors reccomending nutrition specialists and even exercise facilities or programs is that when armed with these things you can often cut down on personal expenses because many insurance companies will pay a portion of the expense for them and some insurances will pay for the entire thing because proper weight and being fit cut down on the long term costs of them insuring you.

Nutritionists are valuable because the have knowledge not only in what is good and bad for you but why they are and proper portion size. A nutritionist will asses your eating habits and help you determine why you are gaining weight or having no success in losing weight. many nutritionists will also create a menu or and array of food options that will help you attain your goals.

Proper food choices are just one part of the battle. Once you have come to terms with what foods you should and shouldn’t eat, and how much food you really need you are on your way. Keep in mind that although nutritionists are not mandatory they are a tool which can help you succeed.

Now on to the other half of being healthier: Exercise. A word that instills fear in some and confusion in others. First lets clear the air on exercise. You do not have to go to a gym to exercise, you dont have to use machines, and in all honesty you don’t have to leave your house.

For in home exercise all that you need is the drive and determination to do more. anything from a wall to stairs can become your equipment. some of the things that you can do at home are wall push-ups, which you stand about two feet away from the wall, lean forward, and use the push-up motion to push yourself away from the wall and lower yourself back towards it. Walking the stairs, just do this more than you would in a normal day and you are off to a good start. Sit-ups or chrunches. Or even things as simple as every commercial break you walk the length of your house.

The great out-doors is another place great for exercise, but remember to dress appropriate to the weather. Going for a walk is a fun peaceful way to exercise and if you have young children or grandchildren you will be surprised to hear how excited they get if you offer to take them on a walk with you. Once you feel their joy of walking with you and pick-up the little wonders that they see you will enjoy it all the more. Pets also can serve as a motivation to go out and walk. Running, jogging, swimming, rollerskating, bike riding, and so on are all other great ways to add movement to your life and help you along the way.

On to gyms. Some people love them, and others hate them. The thing with gyms is that you need to find the one that is right for you. There are big box gyms out there which are great for some people but others feel that they are too impersonal. Smaller gyms can be wonderful because if you develope a regular schedual you will often times see the same people and get to know them. And seeing familiar faces is very encouraging. Another option that people may not realize is out there are sport specialty gyms. There are gyms for everything from boxing to swimming, although they may not be in your area if there is a specific sport in which you are interested this may be the route for you because you will be surrounded by people with the same interests as you and because of these shared interests they will help you push yourself harder.

Other tools are out there to help you succeed too. Personal trainers can get to know you, learn your strengths and weaknesses, and how to get you to push yourself when they are not by your side. Pedometers, if you have a low activity level these are wonderful tools which can show you how many steps you are taking a day and can aid you in getting that number higher. Food and exercise jounals help you to keep track of how you are doing and allow you to find where you can improve. And the internet can also help you. You can research, join activity boards with similar people and find support. Keep in mind that the internet can also hinder you. Information on fad diets and phony diet pills abound online so beware.

Small goals and knowing that everything will not happen overnight are key. You can lose weight and keep it off but you will have to work hard to do so.