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How the Thrive Weight Loss Program Works

If you happen to live in the Calhoun or Rome area of Georgia there are convenient Thrive! centers that you can physically attend to follow the Thrive! weight loss plan. Those who don’t live in state can still join in via an online program which promises weight loss through fat loss. Although weight loss is promised, this isn’t sold as a diet but a lifestyle change, which will energize dieters and burn off fat.

Travis Martin created the diet after successfully losing weight and then inspiring others with his methods. The concept is based on food combining and eating regular meals and snacks every four hours. The emphasis is placed on high protein foods combined with healthy carbs. Dieters forgo simple carbs in favor of fibrous carbs, which are supplemented by plenty of green vegetables. Portion size and control is also emphasized.

Martin sells the diet as a means to “re-train your body to become an efficient fat burning machine” which will shed fat but not muscle. Testimonials are used which boast huge weight losses, such as 21lbs in one week, and emphasise the resultant health benefits which come with weight loss.

The online program begins with an introduction to basic nutrition and a focus on how to read nutrition labels. Dieters join in with a weekly weigh in and are measured at the beginning of the program and again at the end, to reveal how many inches they have lost in addition to pounds. Dieters receive a nutrition workbook and journal, and a list of the foods they need to get started.

Encouraging online support is provided by the Thrive! site and there are also forums where Thrivers can encourage each other. Exercise is introduced gradually into the program. Thrive! does not come cheap with the on-line program costing $199 for seven weeks. Alternatively, dieters can commit to a one year subscription at $299, or pay $39.95 on a month by month basis. However this option requires an initial registration fee of $99, but does represent a $20 discount on the seven week program if only used for two months.

In addition to the costs of signing up for the program there is the expense of buying the recommended diet products which Martin sells on his website. These are expensive meal replacement powders, bars and soups which contradict the emphasis on real food which is used to advertise the program. The on-line store provides a very lucrative side line if dieters opt to replace meals and snacks with these low calorie treats. Whilst the diet is meant to be about introducing healthy changes there is a myriad of sweetened items to tempt.

The Thrive! Weight loss plan puts too much emphasis on certain food groups to be a perfectly well balanced diet, and nutritional experts are not convinced of the long term benefits of high protein low carb diets. Diets which promote meal replacements as viable alternatives to actual food always raise the concern that they are just another money making gimmick.

If dieters are looking for a change of lifestyle in order to lose weight and sustain weight loss, there are other online programs available which promote healthy eating and are free to join. They have the additional benefit of not selling meal replacements and protein powders which the Thrive! weight loss plan promotes.

Source: Thrive weight loss.com