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How the Moon Diet Works

The moon diet is not a diet devised by Dr Moon – the clue is in the capitalisation, or rather, in the lack of it. The diet is followed for a 24 hour period, and during that time, you consume only liquids. These liquids should be unprocessed, so you should juice your own fruits and vegetables. You can also drink tea sweetened with honey, and water. No milk, alcohol or soft drinks are allowed.

The diet gets its name because the fast coincides with the changing phases of the moon. If the moon moves into a new phase at 3.00am, you don’t need to set your alarm to start your juice diet at that particular time, but you must begin during the 24 hours following the change. Some proponents of the moon diet say it can be followed at any phase change, others say it should be the full moon and new moon phases to work effectively. See the moon phases for 2010 here.

How does the moon diet work? Well, there’s a train of thought that says, just as tides are influenced by the moon’s gravity, so are our bodily fluids. This isn’t new thinking – for centuries it has been believed that women’s menstrual cycles coincide with the changing phases of the moon, and mediaeval doctors believed the moon influenced both physical and medical conditions, as it affected the bodily ‘humours’ – fluids to the rest of us.

In the 24 hours it takes to complete the change in the moon phase, the body rids itself of excess fluid. By timing the moon diet to coincide with the changing phase, the digestive system is rested, and excess fluids and toxins are purged from the body. It’s possible to lose up to 3 kilos (6.6lbs). Of course, this loss is fluid, not fat, but in effect, you’re detoxing your body, so you should feel less bloated and have more energy.

The main benefit of the moon diet is psychological, as the significant drop of the needle on the scales will encourage you to eat healthily to get rid of any excess weight. The moon diet is simply another type of juice fast, and there is no reliable medical or nutritional evidence to prove that the timing of the fast makes it more effective.

The only way to maintain a healthy wait is to eat a healthy diet all year round – regardless of the moon’s phases. While the moon diet may kick start a weight loss programme, it’s not a long term solution to weight maintenance.