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How the Diet Watch Plan Works

The diet watch plan is a rather well regarded on line diet program which unlike most other online programs does not attempt to sell you unnecessary supplements. Instead it offers a supportive diet and exercise program which won’t break the bank. Additionally it provides support from actually qualified professionals in the field of exercise and nutrition that hold qualifications from accredited institutions.

Diet watch works by giving you a choice of 4 diet programs to choose from and provides an interactive tracker so you can log what you eat and how much exercise you engage in. Fitness plans are devised for you to follow which concentrate on aerobic exercise, strength training and flexibility. Exercises are provided for you as well as exercise tips.

The choice of 4 personalized diet plans includes a vegetarian option which presumes that diary is included; a heart healthy Mediterranean diet plan which limits cholesterol to 200mg a day and is designed to be cardio protective; a reduced carbohydrate plan which is not extreme but limits carbohydrates to 40% of calorie intake; and a no restrictions diet plan for those seeking a low calorie healthy balanced diet.

The problem with these options is the dieter may want to combine elements of each diet plan and could well be a vegetarian who is concerned about their cholesterol levels and their carbohydrate intake. The dieter must choose one of the 4 personalized diet plans though.

The diet watch plan provides an informative easy to use online program which includes a data base of information on vitamins and minerals, and incorporates a nutritional calculator. The diet plans provide meal planners, shopping lists, and nutrition trackers. It works as the dieter tracks all the food eaten and exercise completed, and then makes adjustments to suit the individual.

The program costs either $38.87 for every 3 months or is available for an annual fee of just $77. As it also provides online support tools in the form of communities, message boards and friend options it works out much cheaper than many other programs available. In addition stressed dieters have an online meditation room available to them.

Many dieters struggle continually with their reliance on emotional eating which can lead them to bingeing and snacking. Dieters may choose to sign up for a 12 week Master food program with counselling to help them break this cycle. It can be taken as a 4 week introduction and then continued for a further 8 weeks, and costs an additional $114.55 if followed for the full 12 weeks. The Master food program has received praise for the sensible counselling it provides.

This is a low key successful diet program which has helped people to lose weight successfully online and has been consistent in its approach for the last 10 years. Easy to follow, with no pressure to buy supplements, Diet Watch is a refreshing change from the loudly advertised diets which promise the earth.